Let's have some chipmunk time, shall we?

5/04/2010 11:08:00 PM

So, yesterday I went to lunch at Cabo Surf Hotel and this place is known for the teeny, tiny semi-cute birds that swoop down and silently beg for snacks while you try to eat. (Ah, such is dining al fresco in Cabo.) Yesterday, there was a different beggar: a chipmunk.

It was so cute.

What made it especially cute? It had a gimp arm. This made the other women I was dining with somewhat sad, however I made it clear that I felt that the chipmunk was totally ok with his situation. I mean, he eats out of the hands (literally) of the waiters.

In honor of that cute little chipmunk, I felt it would be fun (yes, I wrote, "fun") to look at more cute pictures of chipmunks. I mean, let's be honest: chipmunks are cute.


  1. Although they are destructive little buggers, they ARE adorable.

  2. Oh my...guess I haven't ever looked at a photo of a chipmunk. They ARE cute up close.

    Better than a pigeon. Hate when they beg for food at outdoor dining.

  3. I agree - chipmunks are cute! And smart. Ours will sit on the front porch and torment the cat until she runs into the screen door.

    Squirrels, on the other hand, are obnoxious. And ugly. And loud. Last summer they tore open my screen and broke into the kitchen.

    Oh yes, they did...


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