It's growing.

I am certain that all of you were waiting with baited breath for an update on the once-beautiful tree in our courtyard.

I wrote about the "bug" or whatever, that infected it back in January.

It was ugly.

Here it is half-way through, "trimming".

It was sad. I was sad.

The tree was once so beautiful. It shaded our entire courtyard.

Here's what it looked like AFTER the tree-trimming guys, "trimmed" it.

I was heartbroken. (As I mentioned.)

I told C. I wanted to move.

I began looking for alternate housing. (I'm not kidding.

So, then in early February we decided to have the courtyard painted. It needed it, right?

So they painted it and after the first coat it looked kinda weird... because the paint didn't cover well...

So it had to be re-painted. And, it turned out to look cute!
And happy again!

Even Lila loved looking at it.

But that still left The Tree.
We decided to pull out the secondary tree that used to live on the right, and left just the main tree.
 It just looked so sad.

Then, looky here! Look what sprouted...


And here it is today. Slowly growing. Slowly regaining it's confidence.

Look! She even has a bloom.

Yay for spring.

Yay for growth.

Yay for trees.

See? Now I do love MOST of nature. I really do.


P.S. The only good thing about The Tree's major haircut? I've had ZERO birds in my house since it was "trimmed."


  1. YAY! it's coming back to life.

  2. Is that a bouganvilla? we cut ours back like that a ton every year. I swear my mom kills it evertime, but if does come back :-)

  3. I guess the trimmer-people know what they're doing after all, eh? Glad you have leaves again!

  4. This post made me happy. I'm "rooting" (hehe) for the tree. :) (Yep, that's as good as my puns get.)


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