It's done. I didn't think twice.

5/20/2010 04:08:00 AM
THANK YOU all for voting on the VERY important question of, "Which summer purse should I buy?"

As it turns out, 52 of you voted...


...I decided... go with...


Here's why I love this one:

1.) I love that it's cotton.
2.) I love the bows on both sides.
3.) I love that it's fresh and clean and green.
4.) I love that it was the lowest priced bag. HA!

If you'd like your own greenie, you can find it here at THIS etsy shop for $35. If you'll note, she'll make any style in any color...

If you're interested in the other bags for yourself, I shall now offer you their URLs.

$48. Available here.

$40. Available here. I LOVE this one.

$40. Available here.

$48. Available here.

$38. Available here.
THANKS again for your input.

You all clearly have good fashion sense. :)

A picture/review of greenie will be forthcoming... maybe. (The bag's seller is in Thailand. I'm having it shipped to San Diego then imported down to Cabo. Will it show up? Perhaps I need to make a poll about that...)


  1. Great choice, it's adorable!!!

  2. My apologies for not voting either time, but I'm glad you came up with an option that is not only cute but cheaper in price! Very cute!


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