I'll let you know how it goes.

We caved. We're official 68 and 70 years old. We bought memory foam pillows.

Here's the reason for the purchase: C.'s pancake pillow is seriously as thick as a sock. I've been encouraging him to get a new pillow for a while now. So, last week after he had been complaining about neck discomfort (lol) and after he had used a memory foam pillow on a recent trip,  I bought him one.

He liked it.

Then, as it turns out, I started liking his pillow.

Last night was night numero uno with my pillow. (Those Spanish classes are coming in handy, no? "Numero uno"? You still following?)

Anywho - last night was the FIRST night that I've slept with less than THREE pillows in YEARS. Shocking. And, I slept well.

So far, I give it a very promising one and a half thumbs up. (Figure that out.)


We're getting glasses of red wine, placing them on our pillows and jumping on them. If the wine doesn't spill, I'm going to go ahead and revise this post and give the pillows TWO full thumbs up.

Stay tuned.


  1. I feel as though Louis's pillows are misshapen and disgusting. Maybe we too need some of these pillows.

    (For some reason Louis and Athena both like to use the gross pillows. I must put my foot down with them.)

  2. We have a 4 inch memory foam mattress topper. I love it. Best bed I've ever had - I should get pillows too, I'm sure I'd love them!


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