CRAZY day.
(Must write this out. Just been odd.)

5/03/2010 01:09:00 PM
1. Lila woke up an hour earlier than normal.

2. Two seconds after Lila woke up, a bird continued to thrash his/her body against our bedroom window for five minutes. Over and over and over again.

3. Lila has been barking all day. (I'm not kidding She's barking. Like a dog.)

4. I sat down to work at my computer from home until noon, when I was going to go to work. At 10:30-ish, our internet turned off.

5. Why did our internet turn off? Because we never got our bill. (No mail system here. Our bill shows up floating around outside of our house randomnly. Usually on the ground.)

6. Went down to Telmex to pay said bill, no parking spaces. Lila and I parked in a no-parking area because I had had enough and wasn't about to be parked in by other people.

7. VW Jetta almost hits us as we're backing out of said parking space.

8. Feels like I have a flat tire driving home. I stop in front of the fire dept. as I'm driving home because car is acting funny -- it won't shift into another gear.

9. Make it home. Lila is still barking. And laughing at the way her barks sound.

10. Craig comes home. I eat lunch, pump, get ready to go to work at 1 pm.

11. Get out to car, get in car, back car up, realize tire is FLAT. As in, car is tilting to the left-flat.

12. I have had four flat tires in my life and ALL of them have occurred IN my driveway/the place I park my car.


I'm not going anywhere else today. Birds committing suicide on my window. Lila's barking. Tire's flat. Internet is on, then off, then on again. Lila's still barking. CRAZY day.


  1. This post is even better..haha! I hope your day turned around. :)

  2. that does sound like an odd day.

  3. How did the rest of the day go?

    We have a bird that throws its little body against our kitchen window around 7am and then again at 3pm. This occurs all of spring and then again in the fall. I frequently think of you and your love of birds. :)

  4. The barking thing cracks me up! Weird day, for sure.

    Also, feel lucky about your flat tires occurring while parked and/or in your driving. Getting a flat while driving down the road (in Ohio, in the middle of winter) SUCKS.


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