Another reason why I love Ferg

5/17/2010 09:53:00 PM

So, Lila tossed her bread overboard from her highchair tonight. Ferg has since acquired it and has proceeded to carry it around and hide it all night long.

Here it is on my bed.

Notice she's not taking her eyes off of it.

She doesn't trust me.

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  1. hilarious. I love that she didn't EAT it. Just carrying it around, watching it.

    That Ferg!!

  2. That's so funny! What dog wouldn't scarf that thing down immediately? Apparently Ferg! Tucker would have that gone in .01 seconds.

  3. Seriously? Ferg's the best.

    I know, Sarah - right? MOST DOGS would EAT the bread. Not Ferg.

    Ferg also refuses to eat ANY food that drops from Lila's highchair. (Except cheerios.) It's kind of annoying. This is when I totally miss my Nattie. :)

  4. that is hilarious!! Even my cat eats stuff that falls on the floor! She is awesome

  5. The line I like the most, "She doesn't trust me." LOL!


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