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Who needs fingers?

5/03/2010 11:08:00 PM
Last night I was giving Lila a bath and Craig was finishing up painting our bedroom. I believe Ferg was kind of getting in his way and I overheard this:

Craig: Ferg, if you don't stop that...I'm going something bad to you...

Me: [yelling from the bathroom] You're going to have to figure something out by the time our children are older. That's not going to scare them.

IMMEDIATELY Craig says: It will if I grab a kitchen knife and then cut off one of their fingers.

Me: ...[laughing]... Absolutely it will.


Trust me, Craig would never cut off one or more of our children's fingers. However, I thought the idea of it was who-larious. That Craig. He's quiet, but he's got some zingers. There's no one else I'd rather co-parent with.


  1. I can see this whole scene playing out and I am definitely laughing right now!!!

  2. Ha! That Craig. :) It's always the quiet ones who surprise you. Good to know Lila has a good sense of humor on both sides of her family!


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