Yep. I'd totally wear these.

4/16/2010 11:08:00 PM
Overalls were always good to me.
I'm ready.
Bring 'em back.

$79 here.


  1. I wore them back in the day... but I'm pretty certain that I shouldn't even TRY to pull them off now. lol.

  2. oh man, I FINALLY just gave them up several years ago (yes, I realize this was waaaay past their prime). And then they come back..... sigh. So yes, I'm with you, I totally hope they come back!!!!!

  3. Hey I still have Jill's American Eagle ones in one of the bedroom closets....SAVES ME $79.00!!!! Thanks for the fashion tip!!!

  4. They were out??????? People must have been laughing at me.

    fyi, jumpers are back too!

  5. LOL! I want them back. too! I got away with wearing them for a long time "because I'm in art school" and then "well, they're from art school" and I even tried "I loved these in art school?"!

    So excited.


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