Why, that's hardly an investment.

4/14/2010 11:08:00 PM
Looky here. An annoyingly-named ("TEMPTU") air-brush makeup system for the low, low, bargain-basement price of $225.00 USD. (See here.)

It promises flawless makeup application.

That black box under the little airbrush wand thing? It's called a, "mess-proof AIR pod" (aka a "powerful, lightweight air compressor".)

If you need an air compressor to put on your makeup, you may want to re-think your skin care regimen. I'm just throwing it out there...

Anywho, this small bathroom appliance has apparently been billed by its' manufacturer as the, "next generation" in makeup application. Intriguing and very Star Trek-ish, no?

I think I'll stick with the current generation applicator: my hand.

Electric toothbrushes. Electric make-up machines? When is that, "Do-your-homework" machine that I invented in 4th grade coming out?

Look at it this way - if the makeup application thing doesn't work out maybe you could hook up the mess-proof AIR pod to some fabric paint and whip up some suh-weet t-shirts for you and your boyfriend.

Kylee -n Craig

Or, maybe a thong for your best friend, Tanya. (How great is that?)



  1. I could just see some of the women who have used this machine. Some women's makeup is awful enough with just their hands. Don't give em a machine they don't know how to work. Yikes!

    The thong idea.... you've got something there.... :)

  2. This is something for professionals on photo shoots to use. REALLY not needed for every day application. LOTS of companies make airbrush makeup in a can. (Dior's is AMAZING.) No need to buy heavy equipment.

  3. (I mean seriously. Can you picture your bathroom after using this?? It would be like beige spray paint!!)

  4. I saw this machine at Sephora about a month ago and had to laugh...it is clunky, costs like $250 and the acutal makeup costs $55 or something like that...really??? Just seems too involved.

    Oh yea, totally agree with AthenaBee, I use the Dior Airflash and it's is AMAZING!!! It seriously takes two seconds to put on...and for someone like me who really has a hard time with makeup and doesn't like to spend a ton of time applying, it's fool proof! :)

  5. One good thing about this - one would be forced to put her makeup on BEFORE she gets in the car. I see women applying mascara almost every day on my way to work. Dangerous.

    Also, isn't it awesome how companies think adding "pod" to the end of something makes it sound all high-tech and cool? Thank you, Apple.

  6. Ha...

    Next up, an adapter for your car! Awful, just awful.

    ...and you reminded me that our mall has an airbrush t-shirt kiosk. Yes, classy AND awesome.


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