Since Lila didn't come with an instructional pamphlet...

4/27/2010 09:21:00 AM

I'm looking for some informative, non-militant parenting books.

You know, the ones that gently explain the best way to deal with tantrums (see above), sharing, teaching "no", being a good citizen and learning how to choose good clothes from an early age.

I know this request is vast and ambiguous - but help a sista out.

What books/authors do you like?

(I've also put this request on facebook and twitter... please respond wherever!)


  1. I felt like a book called freedom fences was pretty good. Basically, the crux of the book is that you draw lines, let your kids know what they are, adhere to them and give them the freedom to roam inside the lines (that you guys determine).

    The author tells the story of going back to his family farm as an adult and being miffed that there were fences everywhere. His mother informs him that they indeed were there the entire time, they just stayed within them so she never had to show him they were there.

    My two cents - not heavy handed, and just like all things, a hybridization of thoughts will probably end up working the best.


    -rc (using andrea's login :) )

  2. I said it already on my blog, and I'm sure I'll say it for years to come. "Easy to Love, Difficult to discipline" I just finished it and its AMAZING. I'm sure it'll come in more handy when she's 2 and up, but still worth the read. I think it even just helps parents gain perspective on what their child is thinking. Let alone how to teach them how to make decisions for themselves (including NOT throwing tantrums). :)

    For the terrible two years (which I didn't think were that terrible really) I liked "1,2,3 Magic" Its kind of monotonous to read (you can get the gist of it just by reading a chapter or two) but it worked really well.

    Overall, just reading a variety of books and you can gather what you like.... but I haven't really read a ton.

  3. oh- there are books out there that could help me in my insanity with dealing with my kids? :) I don't have a book recommendation but i had to comment on the fashion sense part.... HAVE YOU SEEN MY KIDS' STYLE CHOICES??? well i was all about the freedom to choose how they wanted to look and it has and will BIG TIME in the future, bite me in butt! Anywho, they may still infuriate me to no end and I am frequently confused but at the end of the day I know they trust me completely and the unconditional love seems to be this wide open 2-way road... makes it all so worth it!

  4. I'm currently reading a book called Trees of the Mind. I'll let you know what I think.

  5. I've honestly received the best parenting advice from other (more experienced) mothers. I joined a parenting group's such a wealth of information from people who've been (or are currently dealing with) where you are.

    I also Google a lot and read message boards to get ideas. I haven't read a book yet, but these sound like good ideas.


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