Sex and the City 2?

4/28/2010 12:27:00 PM

May it be duly noted in the annals of history and blogdom that I love fashion.

And, may it be noted that I've been a sizable fan of the Sex and the City franchise insofar that I like the way that Carrie Bradshaw has dressed over the years.

I even liked the SATC movie. For the fashion, of course.

However, Sex and the City numero dos?


Is it time to hang up their stilettos?

Cynthia Nixon is 44.
Kristin Davis is 45.
Sarah Jessica Parker is 45.
Kim Cattrall  and Chris Noth (Mr. Big) are 56.

(Blogger Note: Rue McClanahan was 51 when Golden Girls first started airing from 1985-1992.)

I'm not so sure about this one.
NOR am I saying that these women are OLD. I'm just asking, what could this possibly be about that is worth seeing?

Charlotte's will be happy and have another kid.
Carrie and Big have a kid and she will wear great clothes and contemplate having a baby.
Samantha will continue to be larger than life and ridiculous.
Miranda will continue to be smug, harried and unappreciative of her husband.

There. Done. Worth seeing*?

I mean, I will more than likely love the clothes... just not necessarily the... "story lines."

So you tell me, what on EARTH is going to happen to these ladies that will be relevant and realistic and plausible? So far I've seen on a commercial that they're riding on camels through a dessert.



Should Sex in the City 2 really exist?
YES! Absolutely. Love them.
NO. Are you kidding?
MAYBE. It could go either way.
I don't care.
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  1. I'm surprised they got Kim Cattrall to do another movie.

    I tolerated the first... I have no desire to see the second. They have already squeezed the life out of SATC. Nothing left, I say.

  2. Ok....

    So I LOVE the series, so much so I own it. I even enjoyed the movie and thought "now isn't this a pleasant way to end everything and wrap it up for good."

    Then I saw that they were making a second one and was torn between excitement of just seeing something new from them and knowing full well that this one would NOT be good and would even be totally ridiculous because really, what else can they do with the movie and characters. Nothing.

    THEN, I saw that Aiden would be in it and it almost made me mad. Here is the thing, I LOVE Aiden and now they are teasing fans by bringing him back and putting the two of them in a situation without Big. And while you may HOPE her and Aiden hook up you KNOW it won't happen because she will always be with Big. So really, what is the point of hashing up that story line?! It was done, I was OK with it but I am not ok with them bring him back as eye candy. STUPID. And you are exactly right, the stories are very predictable.

    However, I will infact see this as I feel I will be physically unable to NOT see it. But I am going in expecting the very worst story line and the very best clothes! And maybe Aiden with his shirt Off :)

  3. Perfect. I HATE Carrie and Big together. So annoying. Aiden was so much better.

    I also think this is a quit while you are ahead situation.

  4. i am just seeing the previews for the first time and, of course, i'll go see it, but i feel that the stilettos need to be hung out to dry after number 2.

    let's not forget that we saw Big in Cabo and you observed his eyebrows and i observed his DREAMY, deep voice.


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