Quick TV thoughts.

4/01/2010 12:08:00 AM
  • Modern Family is the finest and funniest sitcom ensemble cast since The Golden Girls. That show is a pure delight. (However, I am appalled and disappointed by yesterday's ridiculous iPad show. I mean really? Steve Jobs bought an episode of Modern Family? So it seems.)
  • LOST is puttering along for me. I'm sorry, but it is.
  • American Idol is the worst show I have ever seen. Answer me this: why do I still watch it? I know, I know... I got hooked on it when I was pregnant, and still I'm apparently semi-crazy. Now, I just fast-forward my way through most of it. Blech. It's a singing show and I pretty much hate the singing.
  • I'm enjoying Parenthood (the show) a whole heckofa lot more than I would have had I watched it before I had a kid.
  • Project Runway is ok. Michael Kors is the highlight; Heidi Klum is the lowlight.
  • Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe is amazing. I have such a ridiculous crush on him.
  • I'll admit it, I really like the show, Kendra. I feel that she's cute. She's a new mom. Her husband is a sweetie pie and her son is a doll. And, I love that she didn't immediately look like a supermodel after she gave birth. (She's one of us!)
  • I cannot WAIT for Glee to start up again.
That's all for now.


  1. of the shows you've listed, i agree with everything you wrote...of those that i watch.

    Modern Family is a riot, LOST is not as interesting as I'd like it to be to me (I fell asleep this week!), Kendra IS cute and that's all i got.

  2. Mike Rowe is so cute and I absolutely love his voice!

    I too love Kendra...can't help it. I always forget when it is on but I catch a past show here and there...for some reason she reminds me a little bit of my cousin.

  3. American Idol is not my thing. At all. I can barely make it through one song. Which is a shame b/c I really want to watch Ellen.

    Lost is still good to me. But the first few seasons were way better.

    I'm not even going to watch Kendra b/c I know I will then start watching it. Kind of like that stupid "Real Housewives" show. :)

  4. I really like the Kendra show too! Did you see the episode she was crying because she felt all fat and ugly? And hello, she still looks fabulous!! Her husband is a sweetheart too!

    Modern Family is great great great, I belly laugh during that show. And I agree with Parenthood too - I thought it was going to be bad but I do really like it. Plus I like that actor that plays the one dad ... I don't know his name. He was on Six Feet Under.

    I will not be in the same room with a TV tuned in to American Idol. It's wretched.

    We just started watching this show called Tosh.0. Have you seen it? It makes horrible fun of people in unfortunate circumstances, but it makes us laugh. It's kind of like a guilty pleasure.

  5. I LOVE Modern Family and it was totally cracking me up last night. Every week I rank who my favorite character is because the trophy must be shared.

    I want to like Cougar Town but I loathe Courtney Cox - she's the kind of person that looks at herself in the mirror too much. Annoying. Dr. Cox's wife from scrubs is funny, but that's it.

    Mike Rowe is amazingly hot and rugged. I also love Ben from Cash Cab. He's cute, funny, and smart but in a non-condescending way unlike Alex Trebec.

  6. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I agree with you on LOST. I just want them to get to the end and explain it all. So far the anticipation isn't building for me. Just get on with it already.

    Modern Family is the funniest show on tv right now. I love all of the characters.

    What's not to love about Mike Rowe? I'm glad he's in my life.

  7. 'Modern Family' co-creator explains iPad use:



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