4/14/2010 01:27:00 PM

Ok, help me out. C. and I have not updated our respective iPods in literally MONTHS. (We have a whole host of things we blame on Lila. This is one of them.)

So, help a sista out.

Suggestions? Music?

I like everything from Jay-Z to Indigo Girls, throw in a little bit of The Lionel (God love him), Randy Travis, movie soundtracks and hymns AND sprinkle in some Rusted Root, India Arie, Smokey Robinson and Mraz and you've sort of got a snapshot of my music collection. Sort of.

(Yes, you read that correctly.)

I'm currently listening to Lily Allen as I type this.

So. Suggestions? Don't be shy... please comment!

P.S. Are you enjoying The Lionel image? If ever I have an excuse to post him on the 'ole blog I'm happy to do so. And yes, I was pleased to see that, "Hello" made it onto GLEE yesterday.


  1. i like the new david gray, i like the new One Republic.

  2. I love Lily Allen alot!

    I REALLY like the new She & Him Album. Their first single off of the new album is In The Sun. Love it

    Muse and Kings of Leon are also my favorites right now.

    I haven't listened to it much, but Kristen told me about this band called Band of Skulls. NO, it is not a metal band!! :) The one guy sounds like Jack White from the White Strips and the girl sounds like Chrissie Hynde. They are actually pretty good but I have only heard 2 songs of theirs.

    I LOVE Ray LaMontagne

  3. try out dar williams- she's great! also take a listen to Carbon Leaf- they are awesome!! I recommend these albums of theirs- echo echo/ indian summer/ love, loss, hope, repeat/ nothing rhymes with woman...

  4. She & Him (They've been around for years but are just now really starting to gain popularity),
    Nico Vega is great house cleaning music - very rocker.
    Try some Jeremy Lister as well as The Damnwells (remind me a little of Goo Goo Dolls).

  5. I am absolutely no help in this area, as I am hopelessly out of the music scene at this point. The most I can do is caution you away from Justin Bieber and anyone else who has or is currently appearing on The Disney Channel. :)

  6. WK and her sister are right - Band of Skulls is GREAT. They are really really really great.

    Here are 10 of my favs - I went through my Ipod and only got through the L's! I didn't want to give you too many, not really knowing your music style exactly. Email me if you want! :) Take a listen to samples on Itunes, you may like some of these!

    1.) Broken Bells - their album is called Broken Bells
    2.) The Black Keys - my favorite album is "Rubber Factory" but I also really like "The Big Come Up" and also one of the guys does a solo gig - Dan Auerbach.
    3.) Eddie Vedder's "Into the Wild" soundtrack.
    4.) Emiliana Torrini's "Fisherman's Woman" album
    5.) Do you like Feist? I do.
    6.) Fleet Foxes
    7.) I really love Hayden - his newest album called "The Place Where We Live" is wonderful.
    8.) Anything Iron & Wine
    9.) Johnny Flynn - a brit folk singer - I listen to his "A Larum" album whenever I'm sewing, for some odd reason.
    10.) Laura Viers - "Carbon Glacier"

    Let us know what you end up getting! :)

  7. I TOTALLY thought of you when they sang some Lionel on GLEE. I even mentioned to Paul how much you love him.

    I need new music too. All I do is work and listen to Pandora. My iPod is sad. Very, very sad.

    However, I'm obsessed with Phoenix, Paramore, Kings of Leon, Duffy (I think you'd really like them), Teagan & Sara, Passion Pit, Band of Skulls (I agree, good stuff), and a good oldie.. Guster.

  8. I am musically stunted (aka love old music) and really enjoyed reading this post and the suggestions. I like Lady Antebellum and that has been my one branch out in a year so maybe give them a shot!

  9. Thought of more:
    The Fratellis
    Eric Hutchinson
    Slow Club
    Ingrid Michaelson
    The Format (Snails)
    Cut Chemist
    Vampire Weekend

    Some of these you may have heard of or maybe not. Who knows what those crazy Mexicans listen to. :)

  10. John Legend is a favorite here, and we seem to have similar tastes. Also Robin Thicke.


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