MexMo: Ah yes, totally reasonable.

4/20/2010 11:08:00 PM
You can imagine my sheer delight when I came across KIX cereal, ("Kid tested, Mother approved") at a local grocery store. (Walmart). (If only I could find Cinnamon LIFE.)

You can imagine how annoyed I was when I saw that the cost PER box was $120.00 pesos.

That translates to $9.82 cents per box.
My righteous indignation didn't allow me to purchase the KIX.

As if.


  1. WOW, that is one expensive box of Kix cereal!

  2. I never liked Kix I always wanted to meet the kids that tested this stuff and asked what their tests revealed. They kind of leave that one out there, mothers approved but they never really say the kids approve they just allude to it.

  3. Kids like kix for what kix has got. Mom's like kix for what kix is not, kix has corn and that's enought, cauase kix doesn't have any of that fancy stuff......damn it, that song will be in my head all day now.....

  4. This was the only semi-sweet cereal my mom would let us have growing up. Love some Kix! $10 a box seems totally, totally reasonable. :)

  5. Yikes. That is brutal. And I thought cereal in the US was expensive. Which btw, do they do coupons in MX? I'm not sure I could ever live there if they didn't. :)

  6. B. - good point. VERY ambiguous. The kids tested it... but... did they EVER like it?

    Excellent thought.


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