Lila Lunes:
We made it through the week!

4/11/2010 11:08:00 PM
Lila's teething.


I feel that the week can best be summed up by this particular look on The Cupcake's face.

Q. How's Lila currently doing?
A. SO much better. She's stopped sleeping in her stroller and has transitioned back into her crib. (Yesss...) And, no more fever!

Q. What IS the current tooth situation?
A. When her bottom teeth came in, Lila was mildly moody. With these top ones Lila clearly been in much more "discomfort." Seriously, though? Let's call it what it is: PAIN. Can you imagine feeling your teeth rip through your gums? Slowly? At a turtle's pace? Oy. Poor baby.

She stopped eating for a day or so. And, she lost half a pound. I cried. (She's eating again. I've stopped crying. Tee hee.)

And still - NO TEETH have actually come through. Her little gums are still swollen, though. Eek.

Q. What ended up helping Lila?
A. Um, after we tried ALL the homeopathic, non-drug solutions we kept her on a constant I.V. of alternating tylenol and motrin. It worked. She's been drug free for about 3 days now and she's giggly again. YES!

Q. How's eating going?
A. Really well! Miss Lila LOVES solid food. This week she met green beans, papaya, yogurt and tofu. She liked them all, but she really, REALLY likes tofu.

Q. Is Lila walking yet?
A. Nope. She's quite adept at crawling, if I don't say so myself. (As if I had some part in her crawling.) I think that since she gets around so well crawling she's really in no hurry to walk. (I'm more than ok with this.)

Ok, on to the pictures this week. (We didn't take too many. It just sort of felt inappropriate to exploit my daughter's teething pain. :) But still... I snuck in a few pics. I mean, I had to.)

Sick Lila.

Lila bathed "al fresco" this past week. In the courtyard. She enjoyed it.

Miss Lila attending the 1st birthday party of her amiga, Paola this week.
 Here are the girls.

Here is Lila trying to take Paola's sippy cup.
Sharing? What's that?

Whew. They both have their own cups now.

Look. They were holding hands.
No, I didn't get it on film.
These two little ones were far too quick.

Miss Lila post-party.
"Take me home. I need to go to bed."

And, here's our little ace in the hole: Petal.
This little bunny has become Lila's "lovey."
She received her as a gift from our cousin - and out of ALL of her stuffed animals, she has taken to Petal the most. When Lila was about two months old she decided that SHE MUST have Petal at all naps and at bedtime. (Ask my sister.)
They're total BFF's.

We have washed Petal at least once or twice a week for months now - and she's held up very well. 
We just bought two more Petals for just in case... And, I'm seriously thinking of buying a couple more.
(Shhh... don't tell Lila.)
You can buy Petal on Amazon for $14.99. (Click here.)

Next, I highly recommend these little yogurt melt things. Lila ADORES them. They're about $3 a package and available on amazon and at Babies R Us. (No idea where else they are in the States.) They dissolve so quickly and they're the perfect NON-MESSY, out-somewhere snack. View them here.
And, that's about all. I'm happy to say that the end of the week DID get better. :)

Have a great week, ya'll.


  1. I am so so so glad she's feeling better. Teething is horrid.

  2. She is such a doll...I can't wait for her to meet Abbey again, I think they would just love each other! So glad she is feeling better and love the little tub outside, how fun!

  3. Blake LOVES the yogurt melts too! Gavin even asks for a couple whenever Blake eats them! :-) I feel your pain on the whole tooth thing, those top teeth are taking forever to break through for Blake too!

  4. I'm so glad things are better! What a cute (almost) hand-holding picture!

  5. awww, you survived one of the hard weeks. give yourself a cookie girlfriend!

    only 5,000 more hard weeks to go.

    i'll keep an eye out for the yogurt melts, they look intriguing.

  6. Love the al fresco bathing! I might try that.

  7. I am happy to hear that Lila is feeling better and that you and C. can now relax!

    I smiled at the picture of her and her friend drinking out of their sippy cups....I can not believe how big she is getting!


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