Lila Lunes:
Ten Months. Whoa.

 Lila Ross • 10 months

As it turns out, I'm the mommy to a nearly one-year-old baby. This is huge. One year. This is when I think I retire the, "New Mommy" title (you're only a newlywed for a year, right?), this is when I stop referring to my baby's age in months ("She's a year old") and this is when the Lila Lunes will more than likely stop. (At some point Lila will need some semblence of privacy, right?)

Until then, I took a boat-load of pictures this week. So, I'll be light on the words and heavy on the pics.

Q. How is Lila?
A. Crabby. We're waiting for her top teeth to break forth from her gums. The one on the right-side has showed it's white face, the other one is slowly (and painfully) taking it's turtle time. All of those Moms out there who say they had really no idea their kid was teething - I wish I were you.

Q. Aside from that, how's Lila?
A. In between the random crying there are always smiles. Which is great.

Q. How's Lila growing these days?
A. We went to the doctor on Wednesday and she weighs a whopping 17.4 lbs and is 28.5 inches long. She's tall and skinny. (Whose kid is this?!)

Ok, onward to the pictures. As I said, there are quite a few.

The week started with her pants on her head.
Playing with her wind-up Easter chick.


I love this face.
"What chu talkin' 'bout, Willis?"
She's a Different Strokes fan. Who isn't?

She stands. And waves.

She got a new bib this week. (Thanks for sending, Mom!)
And it's the BEST THING THAT'S HAPPENED to us since the Miracle Blanket.
It's catches 95% of the food she eats. Why is this great?
Because I hate cleaning up mushed up, wet food from the crevices of her highchair.

See? She cleans it up herself!

It's the Baby Bjorn molded bib.
I love it.
No more TONS of bib laundry, either! Just use this one!
It's about $10 and worth every penny. I need one more.
(Nope, I'm not getting paid for this recommendation. But I should.)

Moving on.
 Here's Lila looking somewhat like a big girl.

"Who me? No! I absolutely did NOT just have my hands in your flower pot."

Big eyes. :)

And my favorite eyes-closed picture of the week.
(Yep, those are mosquito bites on her arms.)

"Look Mom! I'm eating bread with no hands!"

 Buddies just playin'.

Standing up and eating O's off of the ottoman is both fun and sanitary.

Standing... always on her tip toes. Or, "tippy toes." I prefer the latter.

Time for a walk.

I love this one.

Playing with cousin, Bella.

Sweet Bella helping Lila crawl. She's spotting her. :)

Swimmin' in her bathtub outside.

Playing with her Ferg. Ok, with our Ferg.

My second favorite picture of the week.

And my favorite.

Have a good week, ya'll.


  1. What a big girl! But a petite big girl! Who doesn't want to be long and lean? That's perfecto!

    I'm sorry to see that she didn't inherit your "never been bitten by a mosquito" gene :(

    Cute as always, Kylee!

  2. What a sweetheart...and for the record, I love the updates, don't stop just because she is one...if weekly is too much then at least once a month please! :)

  3. 17.4 lbs? Wow. Now I know that Park is huge. Maybe I should start feeding him every other day.

  4. Absolutely adorable:) Can't believe she's 10 months already! Time goes by so quickly...

  5. Your second-fav pic of this week I do believe is my ALL TIME fav Lila picture! So funny!

  6. these are awesome pics this week! she is growing into a little girl. i love the ones with her and Bella.
    keep em' comin'.

  7. cheerios!!!! she's looking so grown up like a little lady. it scares me.

  8. I concur with Wendy's statement: Your second-favorite picture this week may be my favorite EVER. It's like a little, ornery monkey face. SO CUTE! (Also, I absolutely know I have seen you make this face before. She's totally taking after you in terms of facial expressions!)

    I can't believe what a little GIRL (vs. baby) she's looking like!! What an exciting time. :) Love.

  9. Isn't it funny how you can get so attached to bibs, burp clothes, wipes, etc... I have $10 burp clothes that I would have paid $20 for. I Love them!

    What? No Lila Lunes? Maybe a photo here or there?

    Love the pictures as always!


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