Lila Lunes:
She'll be a year old in 3 months

4/04/2010 11:08:00 PM
 Snuggled in her sling.

Ok, I usually put the Lila videos at the end because I consider them to be optional. You're at work, you've got better things to do... I get it. But this time, you must watch this very short (12 second) video of my Cupcake. She's waving.

I've watched is 182 times.
I swear she says, "Hello." Thoughts?

(If the video isn't showing up - check it out directly here. I think youtube be crazy today.)

Ok, let's dig in. As you can see, Lila's waving up a storm. I ♥ it so much.

We've been having more and more fun with food lately. Berries, both rasp and blue, are currently Miss Lila Ross' favorites.

Here's the little lady's first encounter with raspberries. She thought they were who-larious.

(Not sure why, but the raspberry video isn't showing up. If you want to see it directly, click here.)

And here she is a few days later... covered in red.

And, here she is after the blueberries... (I find that the organic frozen blueberries work the best. Why? Because they're kind of soggy and perfect for little children who don't have many teeth.)

Cheerios are a big deal in our house, too. Here's Miss Lila waiting for Craig to give her some... 
"Um. Now would be great. Thanks."

So, Lila's Grandma was here this past week and she bought her a super-cute bracelet. I mean, every baby girl needs a bracelet, right?

(I just loved this face. Nine months later and she still has grey-blue eyes.)
"What Mommy? Did you say my name? Another picture? Great."

Wearing the dress that Trophy Life got her last summer. 
(It's a 3-month dress. We like to think it runs big?)

Happy girl!

Minutes later... very unhappy girl!

Easter egg dyeing at Aunt T.'s!

My very creative, "L" egg. Yes. Be in awe of this egg.

She's so happy about her Easter basket she forgot to open her eyes!

Happy Easter! (I sort of chopped off her head. Hey, she moves a lot.)

Watching her wind-up chick...

And, the best part about the Easter basket? 
The grass. (She played with it for quite some time.)

And, in her Easter dress...
Smile? Absolutely not.

She found an egg at the Easter Egg Hunt!

The second outfit of the day. (Thanks, Aunt Bai!)
Playing with the water fountain in Aunt T's pool.

And, that's all for now, kids.
Have a GREAT week.


  1. Gosh, I love those giggles...and just because of raspberries! Too cute.

    And I totally think she said "hello." For real, I'm sure she did.

  2. Oh, I love the wave!! And yes, I heard hello :) I too loved the giggles while eating raspberries...too cute! It looks like Miss Lila had a very good Easter and she looked very adorable, like always

    (A year in 3 months...that is crazy!)

  3. oh! the wave! (definetly a hello, to me)

    oh! the sweet bracelet!

    Lila is so awesome, I just love her.

  4. That raspberries video made my morning! Who knew raspberries were so funny!

  5. Yep, definitely said Hello! She's just the cutest!!

  6. "Be in awe of this egg." ...cracked me up!! ...Ooooh! Pun!

    She's a doll, as always. Easter dresses = adorable!

  7. Ahhh! I can't see the videos! They aren't even showing up (to me) on your post. I like laughing, friendly, waving children. I need to see this.

    Love the bracelet! I got Stella one for her birth day.

    I liked "be in awe of this egg" too!

  8. I can FINALLY see the pictures and videos!

    She's obviously saying hello. She's waving and responding back to you. She is brilliant.

    Don't worry about your teeny baby. Athena is almost 3 and had on 18 month pants today (HAD because now she's naked.) She is a SHRIMP.

  9. LOVE the videos! Makes me want to go buy some raspberries for Blake to try! LOL!

  10. I liked the pic where it looks like she is flexing!

    Your easter eggs are awesome!! Mine did not turn out this great.

  11. i love this post. it's full of spring colors, that outfit that i got her (that STILL fits?!) and those hysterical eating faces. i loved it. you all look great!!
    while i'm not positive that she said "hello" i'm going to go ahead and agree that she did. cut a girl some slack...

  12. The raspberry video had me LOL'ing. I'm still laughing about it.

    I also laughed when you said "be in awe of this egg." good one.

    lots of love,



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