Lila Lunes: 2 days from 10 months

4/18/2010 11:08:00 PM
 Just woke up.

Q. What's new with Lila? 
A. Absolutely nothing. She's great. We're sailing along. Still no upper teeth. Oy.

Q. Is she talking?
A. Sort of. Lots of babbling And quite a lot of screaming... I mean "singing". Oh, and mimicking, too.

Q. Is Lila walking? 
A. Nope! She's still cruising and crawling, but we're practicing our walking daily!

Q. How is eating going?
A. Really well. This week she's had pasta, mango, papaya, green beans - you name it. She really loves to eat - which is amazing since she only weighs 17.5 lbs. She's a peanut, I think. At this point she prefers solid foods to bottles/nursing. (Yeah, I'm not sure how I feel about that... And yeah, I know that the American Association of Pediatrics recommends that breast milk is the primary source of nourishment for babies under 1 year old... It's not like I'm giving her a shot of Gentlemen Jack and a quesadilla and calling it a day. ) More on this milk/food pickle later.

Yep. That's papaya between her eyes.

So one of my absolute FAVORITE things about Lila right now is watching her learn. She's so much more... I don't know... interactive.

We have this nesting box set from Iris Took's parents that Lila absolutely ADORES. Daily, we stack, stack, stack and count one, two, three - on Wednesday she put ONE BLOCK on top of the other intentionally. More than once. YAY!

AND, this week my sweetie pie looked at me and said, "mmmmMamamamamamama". Yay! I love her.

Another thing I love? Lila LOVES when we come home from work - she smiles HUGELY and waves. LOVE IT.

And, the little lady has been pulling herself up ALL over the place. AND, bless her heart, she doesn't know how to get down from the standing position.

Here she is standing up on the ottoman going after a cheerio. Yep. I bribe her to stand with food.

Lila LOVES to be in the courtyard. Here she is sneaking out...

And, here she found her first "puddle". 

Reading is a big deal in this house. Even for the under-a-year-old set.

Here's Lila with her Justin Bieber/Donald Trump hair.

Yep. I let Lila play with Ferg's toys. This includes her bones.
I choose my battles.

So I thought it would be fun to put Lila's tutu on her head.
Um, she was all about it.

Singing in the kitchen with her spatula/microphone.

Playing with the big girl blocks.

And, my favorite picture of the week.
Just after she woke up.
She's smiling at her best friend, Ferg.

Have a great week!


  1. I can't believe she's almost 1. WOW.

    If she's a super good crawler you might be waiting a while for her to walk. Her thoughts: "Why fix what ain't broke."

  2. Those blocks are the best, we have some too.

    Those girls.... girls love the dramatic (tutu on the head). Pretty soon she'll be wearing the tutu on the head to preschool... b/c you are right, you pick your battles! :)

  3. oh! your lady! those pictures of her standing, bestill my heart! she looks so grown up!

  4. I keep coming back to the one with her singing with the spatula. That one cracks me up!

    Love the tutu on the head. Who says it has to go around your waist? It's all about style.

    Walking? I'm not ready for this. I can't handle her almost being a year old.



    She wears it better - let's be honest.

    Glad you like the building blocks. My mom was so excited about those.

  6. Athena - I agree. I can't believe she's almost 1. (Sigh.) And, I think you're right - since she's a good crawler she'll be a late walker. No worries. She has the rest of her life to walk.

    Quiet Oasis - You're right. One day she is going to go to preschool with that tutu on her head, isn't she? Yikes.

    Grumbles - OMG. I know. I love those standing pictures. They melt my heart, too.

    Sarah - Thank you!

    Mickey D. - I love that spatula one, too. And, you're right. It's FAR too soon for her to be walking.

    Iris - ABSOLUTELY - Lila LOVES these blocks. Please, tell her again that they're part of our EVERY SINGLE DAY play things.

  7. Hair, spatula, singing, standing, Ferg love, tutu -- the whole thing is just awesome. Just awesome. She is precious, Ky. :)

    (BTW, I showed my mom some of Lila's "food is hysterically funny" videos this weekend. She immediately said, "Oh, she looks JUST like Kylee!!" :))

  8. cute pics this week! didn't that little winnie the pooh outfit fit her awhile ago?! enjoy the fact now (that she is slooowly outgrowing outfits). she's adorable and it's so hard for even me to believe it's nearly been a year.

  9. Oh my goodness, the spin move in the video was hilarious! Loved it

    She looks so much older in the pictures this week!

    I also think the tutu photos were priceless.

  10. What a doll! I love the tutu on her head..haha! You are so lucky she will let you put things in her hair, headband, etc...Abbey will NOT allow this..Boo!!!! I have a million little bow clips and I want to use them so badly...

    I can't believe Lila will have her first bday in a couple of months...

  11. Lila will REALLY and truly appreciate the tutu hat when she is 13. Once they discover food, forget that breast UNLESS they are over tired or need some lovin's! She's a cute one!

  12. HOLY COW! She looks all grown up walking! Time flies!


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