It's a BIG day!
Welcome to the club, Wrestling Kitties!

4/21/2010 11:10:00 PM

While I know your name isn't Cristina... I figured this cake still accurately (and humorously) communicated today's message: Happy BIRTHDAY, dear friend!

Welcome to the club. In my humble opinion, 30 is pretty great.

I hope you have a TREMENDOUSLY wonderful day full of good laughs and super-good cake.
I wish for you so much happiness.

You, my sweet friend, deserve it.

I'm really quite happy that you were born. And I know a boat load of other people are happy, too.

With a hug,


  1. Yes, me! Me! I'm also happy you were born!

    Happy Birthday, Cristina!

    Jenn, I hope your day is free of baked fruit and brownies with nuts!

  2. happy birthday to you, WK!! welcome to the new decade...i think you'll quite like it here and what with all that coldstone creamery, pf chang's and a new haircut you've got lined up, i see no reason to cry over the big-3-0!!

  3. It has been a WONDERFUL birthday and all the wishes from my friends just make it that much better!!!

    Thank you SO much!!! And big HIGS from your friend Cristina :)

    (M. you will be happy to know there was absolutely NO baked fruits or brownies with nuts with a 10 mile radius of me yesterday in celebration of my birthday. phew)


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