(I'm trying not to make any lewd comments.)

4/29/2010 09:49:00 AM

 So Lila has this box of blocks that she absolutely loves. They're kind of a cross between legos and something else. (How do you like that for a description?)

Anywho, they come with tons of fun pieces.

Little heads so that you can make people...

Fun little painted pieces...

Even little knobs to add to your creations...

And this:
(Yes, it's sitting on a rotating platform.)

How unbelievably questionable is this flesh-colored, bumpy little item? Lol.

Well, it made me laugh.


  1. Oh dear. I think those items speak for themselves...

  2. Bristle Blocks! I had these when I was little (minus the flesh-colored gem) and I LOVED them! Though I didn't have any nice pastel ones - they were all primary colors. Ooo, I wonder if my mom still has them?

  3. Sarah! I had no idea what the name was!!! THANKS! :) Awesome. All I know is that they're Parents Magazine brand. (Got 'em at Costco.)

  4. um, what kind of idiot was designing this gem of a toy?!? i believe that the precise reason that it was included was so that Moms could upload pictures and refrain from making lewd comments...

  5. OK, that piece looks NOTHING like the rest of the blocks! I'm saying maybe a "marriage aid" factory is housed next to the Bristle Block factory, and some pieces got swapped. That just ain't right.


  6. HAHA! Does every bristle block set have one of those, uh, clubs? I'm just sayin, maybe Jeb got fired that day from the factory.

  7. oh my word... i have none... words i mean...

  8. Ironically placed directly above your Sex in the City 2 blog.

    SITC is where I think I learned nearly everything anyone needs to learn about shopping for things required by women that look similar...aside from our cousin's facebook updates, that is. Oddly, apparently, you can look in the toy section too, now.

  9. Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Um, that is not kid appropriate....but where can I get one?


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