I may go into the, "Dog-naming" business.
Care to be my first customer?

4/23/2010 01:08:00 AM

If ever we expand our dog-family, I have two [very] solid names that I've been holding on to.

1. Burt Reynolds.

"Hi, this is my dog: Burt Reynolds."

2. Vanna White:

"What's your Dog's name?

"Vanna White."

And now, finally I have a third option:

I'd like to reserve the name, "Rick Pickle."

I just think it's hilarious.

Say it:

"This is my dog, Rick Pickle."


That's all.


  1. ha! when i was going to get a boy pug his names were either Chunky Monkey - Chunk for short or Pickle. Rick Pickle is even better.

  2. LOLLLLLLLL, hahaha, that made me laugh, thank you! :)

  3. Rick Pickle! HAHAHAH!

    I like it.

    Although it rhymes with "the shortened version of Richard" Trickle.


  4. My cousin named her dog Bob Barker :)

  5. and this is one of the many reasons why i'm so glad i "found" you again. :)

  6. Bob Barker?! LOVE it. On so many levels.

    Mickey D. - you make me laugh.


    Abbe - :) I'm so glad we found one another, too.

    All of you? Thanks for reading!

  7. This made me smile and laugh out loud. I love the conversations you had in your head that were typed out. You are too much, Ky!! :-)

  8. LOL! I was JUST saying last night that I like it when dogs have people names. My brother's friend has a dog named Douglas. Ha!

  9. I had a golden when I was little whose "official" name from the kennel was Spartacus, so I want to have a golden and name it Kirk Douglas. I'm happy to hear someone else is like me. :)


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