(How does the dog have anything to do with this product?)

4/21/2010 11:08:00 PM

 Now, I like me a good new product.

However, when I heard the T.V. commercial touting the new pro-biotic supplement, "Colon Health" a couple of days ago I had to stop and rewind my DVR.


"Colon Health"?

And, really? They're pleading with us to, "do something good for our colons"?

Let me get this straight, people are actually willing to buy a big pink box of pills labeled, "Colon Health" and put them in their shopping carts? And then take them to a cash register where another person will actually physically HOLD said box and swipe said box across the magical cash register beam?

Um. No.

I  have had a baby and have bared my "life" to a room full of strangers, yet I can GUARANTEE you that I will not be purchasing a box of, "Colon Health" any time soon.

I'll tell you what, this digestion craze has gone TOO FAR.

Disclaimer: I care about colons and I fully support colonoscopy exams when deemed necessary by a medical professional. However, is it necessary that we talk about our daily colon health? On T.V.?

I'll answer that: NO.

Eat some yogurt and shush.


  1. HA!!! I mean, really. Why involved your dog in your colon issues?

    This is the worst product name ever that wasn't conceived by SNL. What marketing team approved this? :)

    (I'm still laughing imagining an overly-friendly sales clerk trying to engage you in conversation as he/she holds your Colon Health and wonders aloud how well it works, then waits for you to answer.)

  2. RIGHT!?

    I can't believe you mention SNL. When I saw this commercial, I absolutely thought it was a sketch.


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