Ferg Friday: I love this dog.

4/15/2010 11:08:00 PM
Here is Ferg sitting on the top of the couch. I feel that she's precious.

Enjoying the breeze on the patio.
Ferg loves fresh air.

And here she is smiling.
Such a friendly dog.

I gotta tell you, Ferg is SUCH a great dog.
She's been such a *champ* about being a big sister. 
She and Lila have definitely fallen into their groove; playing daily.
It's awesome.
What a sweetie...


  1. It looks as though Ferg might need some trimmin' up around the eyes. Teehee.

    I feel she is precious as well. She is spoiled too, which is how it should be.

    Paul and I often talk about how we think Tucker is smarter than he lets on. I mean, what a great life... get scratched, sleep, eat, run around outside, get loved on. I think they have it figured out.

  2. I love the smile in the last photo. She's like a human, I swear.

  3. This dog is completely precious. She's got spunk and personality, but she also has patience and compassion for her baby sister. I mean, the girl loves life.

    Every time you talk about how much they love each other, I swear I cry on the spot. :)

    Miss you, my dear.

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  5. I seriously love your dog. She has such personality and it shows in your pics.

    I have a Canon Rebel and LOVE LOVE LOVE it.


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