Ferg Friday: After five months...

4/23/2010 02:25:00 PM
The Ferginator got a much-needed haircut. 
(We prefer her to be shaggy. Like a mini long-haired English Sheepdog.)

Here's the before on Monday.

Here's the after.

Here she is on the floor. Exhausted. 
The poor thing could barely keep her eyes open for a picture.

See those pink bows?
They're glued to her hair.
(Yes, you read that correctly: glued.)
This used to bother me.
But, like with all things here in Meh-he-coe, I'm used to it.
Viva Mexico.


  1. She looks beautiful and proud...but sleepy.

    Has Lila tried to remove the bows?

  2. Yes, Lila has nearly pulled the one on her right-side out. The left one must be in with gorilla glue. :)

  3. Ummm...is that Lila with pants on her head in the first photo? ;)

    I never really thought about how dog bows stay in their hair...I guess I just assumed it was glue. How else do they stay... ??

  4. Ferg is looking good! Give her hugs for me!

  5. SassyTimes - Indeed, that is Lila wearing her pants on her head. More pics on Monday for, "Lila Lunes."


  6. Oh my goodness she looks so pretty!


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