Why is there a gallon of milk sitting out? At work? All day?

3/23/2010 08:00:00 PM

 Yesterday at work my co-worker had a gallon of milk sitting near her desk. It did not belong to her.

I noticed it in the morning.

I took a picture of it as I left the the office last night.

It was sitting out ALL.DAY.LONG.

Imagine it. Taste it. Mexico-warm milk.


The gallon of milk was not there this morning...

...it moved... to another room... and people were DRINKING IT.

Barf again.

1. Who brings milk to work to just drink? Water? Yes. Soda/pop? Yes. Gatorade/tea? Yes. Milk? No.
2. Who drinks milk that has been sitting out all day? On someone's desk?
3. Who drinks WARM milk when it's 80 degrees out?



  1. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, gross. If milk it at it's expiration date, I pitch it. I don't even, GAG, smell it. I constantly buy the little one for fear of having to GAAAAAAAAAAG smell it.

  2. (Een, I'm laughing. That is hilarious.)

  3. Now that is just beyond gross is SO weird! Well except if someone had a bunch of oreos then all that milk would be needed, but sitting out....blech!

  4. Hopefully they had a complete meal with chicken that had been left out all day as well.

    I couldn't imagine drinking room temperature milk. Sick.

  5. I really am not a milk fan. So this picture kind of makes me sick. Blech.


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