What am I? Thirteen-years-old?

3/10/2010 12:10:00 AM

So when I redesigned this here blog I put that little poll up on the right. See it? The one that asks how you feel about the re-design?

Well, as it turns out that little poll has been both a highlight and a lowlight of my days. I mean, I've loved seeing that people are voting. (Who doesn't like positive feedback?)

(A hearty, "thank you" to all who have voted. Muchisimas gracias.)

However... I'm not going to tell a lie... I'm not sure how I feel that seven of you don't like the blog.

Ask Craig. For the past several weeks I've continued to ask him, "Did you see that 3 people don't like my blog look? Did you see that 5 people don't like it now? CRAIG - I'm UP TO SEVEN HATERS."


Really, Kylee?

What's wrong with me?! Why does it matter if the look of Two Pretzels isn't appreciated by all of my readers? It might so happen that I have male readers who don't necessarily like flowers and lettuce. (I get that.) AND, it's not like your'e saying you hate the BLOG - you just don't prefer the look.

I've been thinking about this off and on now for about 22 days [insert additional smile] and I think it comes down to the simple fact that no matter who we are, we all really have a desire to be accepted. To be liked. To be loved.

I think the other lesson here is that we're all different. We all operate differently.

I mean, some of us fixate/over-analyze and make mountains out of mole hills...


P.S. I can safely say that I do not see it as a personal attack if you, dear reader, do not prefer my current blogger layout. Now, if I put a poll up and ask you if you think my dog is cute and you say, "No" - why then it will come down to immediate fisticuffs.  I'll find you through my google analytics and come to your door to confront you with at least 4,500 photos of Ferg. If you still deny her cuteness, it may get violent.

P.S. THANK YOU to all of you who voted in the poll thus giving me additional blog fodder. :) You're appreciated.


  1. I'll start by saying I didn't vote (for no particular reason). But its kind of like when you pick a baby name and other people think its an ugly name, but you adore it. Or you pick a house decor you love and others think its awful. Just personal preference on what you like to look at, what you find appealing, etc. We wonder why others don't like exactly what we like.... but that's what makes us all unique, I guess. But you are right, we all have a desire to be liked and affirmed for all things. I'm right there w/ ya!

    That said, I'm wondering if its b/c your blog is mostly white with little frills? You know, w/ all those cutesy templates out there, some people prefer those? But other people like lots of white, clear space so its easier for reading..... just all in what you like to look at while reading a blog. (I did read someone's blog recently that I won't be reading again b/c it was messing w/ my eyes. I flipped to a new web page and my eyes were seriously buggy from looking at the colors on their page)

  2. I actually love it.

    I would wonder what they don't like about it. Maybe it's just something simple...personal preference.

  3. You are so cute...haha! I think your blog page looks great! :-)

  4. Heehee -- you crack me up. Isn't it amazing how quickly we start to question ourselves when we get one (or seven) negative comment(s)??

    One way to look at this: Even though those seven folks don't appreciate the lovely, clean layout of your blog (everyone is different, after all), at least they cared enough to vote, which means they care about you AND your blog. :)

  5. Maybe it was one person that was messing with you? I bet it was.

    Who wouldn't like your new layout? I mean, did they even read that your images are stuff you GROWED yourself?

    Psht! It's awesome.

  6. My favorite thing about this post:

    You threatened our lives if we said your DOG is not cute. Um, what about your DAUGHTER! HAHA!

    It's been making me laugh all day :)

  7. Sarah, your observation about the Lila omit is hilarious.

    You know, it easily could be randoms passing through. I get some random rudes passing through on mine.

    Seriously, like one of your readers wouldn't like your blog layout.


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