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3/02/2010 03:35:00 PM
A friend emailed this story to me. He knows how much I love Toledo and how my hometown always makes me proud. (Sort of.)

This one occurred in a suburb of Toledo. I've highlighted my favorite parts.

March 2, 7:49 AM EST
Headline: Ohio woman gets married, has baby on same day

SYLVANIA, Ohio (AP) -- An Ohio woman taken to a maternity ward in her wedding dress became a newlywed and a new mom on the same day.
Jamie Phillips says she felt contractions while her father walked her down the aisle during her wedding ceremony Saturday in Toledo in northwest Ohio, but she thought it was a false alarm. It wasn't until after her water broke at the reception that she was rushed to a hospital in Sylvania.
The baby boy, named Tova, wasn't due until March 7. His mother and her new husband, Mark Phillips, didn't think the baby would come quite so soon when they planned the wedding two weeks earlier. [Really? Babies don't normally come about 7 days early? Ever?]

The parents say they wanted to "do the right thing" and get married before the baby's arrival, which is why they cut things so close.


  1. LOL, I read this story and cracked up at it too. :)


  2. I started reading this and was nervous I would know the couple. You know how Toledo is!


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