Surprise! Design on a Dime didn't blow.

As a general rule, I hate HGTV's show, Design on a Dime. No, I don't purport to have a money tree in my backyard thereby not needing cost-saving decorating ideas. I just cannot abide when they ruin totally boring rooms with cheap decoupage walls, curtains that are "hemmed" with tape and a ridiculous amount of construction paper and "found objects."


And, then they go and tell you that they bought 5 cans of paint for, "Just twenty-five dollars!". (WHERE CAN YOU BUY THAT MUCH PAINT FOR $25?!)

Then they're all, "And we could have bought this shelf in the stores for $55.00 -- but since I brought my handy CARPENTER who owns EVERY TOOL YOU COULD POSSIBLY NEED and he has a whole TRAILER full of EXTRA WOOD we're making this shelf for just five dollars!"

Shut up.

I digress.

This past weekend I actually liked the outcome on the show. It was kitchy. Fun. And well, you could tell the woman who lived there was single because ain't no man gonna have that in his kitchen.

It was, the "Eclectic kitchen with Vintage and Modern Elements." (Their capitalization, not mine.)

The pictures don't do it justice. It was whismy and fun. And, it had birds.

Here was the before.

And the after. 
(Not totally my style, but it looked cute on the show.)

They built a wooden "built-in-thingy" around her far-too-small fridge.
Although I was like, "Um, she looks to be about 5 ft. 4 in. tall - how will she reach that microwave?"

Bird cage lamp above the stove.

Painted butcher block table. Eh, whatever.
But, see the birds that they painted on the cabinets?
I was watching this and I was like, "What? BIRDS EVEN ON THIS SHOW?!" 
I'm loving birds in 2010, baby.

Cabinet. Teapots. Teacups. Fancy plates

So, anywho - I thought it was cute and fun. Uber-girly and uber-kitsch. Would I do that to my kitchen? No. Would I do that to the happy room in my next house? Yes.

P.S. They did, "this whole room for $990.00."

Whiney, self-indulgent statement: I really miss my furniture/stuff that's in Ohio. What we have now is NOT "us". Ah, when we get back home it'll be like Christmas.


  1. That's super cute and fun, yet not really realistic. Well, she doesn't plan on ever selling her house I guess it's fine.

    I hate it how often the househunters have budgets of half a million dollars. If I wanted to get irritated by houses I can't afford I'd watch cribs. I wanna see houses all over that I COULD afford.

  2. I love HGTV and design on a dime. I think you have to look at it like you look at fashion magazines - take ONE or TWO ideas from it and apply it to you wardrobe or living space. Would you "Bird out" your kitchen? Absotutely NOT but the plates on the wall are cute and I like the Queen of the Kitchen sign.

    You ARE surrounded by birds.

  3. That many bird things would freak me right the hell out. In fact, looking at the pictures (particularly the birdcage light fixture) actually made me a little itchy. :) Kudos for the redesign on a budget (which I am all about, although I agree with you on the construction paper), but I don't think I could handle this...

  4. surprisingly cute! a lot of times when i watch that show the end result seems... cheap. i know cheap is the point but it usually comes off tacky. in a weird way, i like this.

  5. Why does everything in that kitchen look so short/tiny? I feel like I would have to squat down to reach the counters.

    I think it's cute...but a little much for me. I, too, like to watch these shows and just take one or two ideas from them.


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