Pump it up.

3/16/2010 12:08:00 AM
Headline: Mothers who opt for breast milk, not breast feeding

Article from TIME magazine here.

My thoughts: I think it's phenomenal that mommies have so many options in raising our beh-bies. You wanna pump? Pump. You wanna nurse? Nurse. You want to feed formula? So be it.

For me, pumping is a necessary evil since I work. I loathe it, sort of feel like a cow when I do it, but I press on.

My bottom line? As long as the babies are fed, we're doing our jobs. :)

YAY for women and the wonderful ways in which we do things. :)

(Can you tell I'm in a, "Let's-not-judge-one-another" mood? Build one another up! Build, build, BUILD!)


  1. I want to punch several of the comment leavers.

  2. Athena, you have to train yourself to NOT read the comments after articles. It's useless.

  3. I love this article. Thank you for posting it.

    BB would NOT breastfeed. We tried and tried (oh how we tried). We went to lactation consultants; we read books; we experimented with positions. At one point, I literally had six hands on my b**b showing me how 'easy' it was to breastfeed. That was before we taped tubes to my breast. So ...

    I pumped. For a little over 12 months. I can't tell you how many people (friends even) said, 'Why don't you just breastfeed?' or 'Why don't you just use formula?' I got very little support aside from my husband. I'm happy to see that pumping is getting some press as a 'third' feeding option.

  4. I also made the mistake of perusing the comments which sent me into a blind rage.

    More power to moms who pump full time, I hate hate hate it even just doing it part time. That takes will power.

  5. You know what, I figured I'd get about 3 comments on this post and I ABSOLUTELY figured it would be from the three of you. :) Awesome.

    Agreed, though - pumping is tough work. Amber, I am STILL impressed that you did it FULL-TIME for a little over 12 months. (Heck, if I were you, I'd round up and say 13 months. You deserve it.)


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