My Oscar Fashion Recap

3/07/2010 10:02:00 PM

I'd like to preface my comments by saying I adore Alec Baldwin.

And, I feel that the Tina Fey/Robert Downey Jr. banter was the most entertaining part of the evening.

Ok, we'll get right down to it.

Best Dressed - Alternate title: "What I would like to wear"

(I'm attempting to hold you in suspense...)

Sarah Jessica Parker was it for me. It just all worked. I loved that I didn't see her underpinings. (I can't stand seeing all of the stars' shapewear underneath their too-tight satin dresses.) I liked the flowiness of this one. And, I loved the back. And her accessories and hair. All the way around, my fave.

(I tell you what, no matter how botoxed those celebrities get, their hands tell the real story, no? Blech.)

Second Best Dressed - Alternate title: "What I would also like to wear"
Rachel McAdams looked fantastic. Awesome colors. Good hair. Not too much jewelry. Well done.

Best impression of a Texas pageant beauty queen.
Cameron Diaz. I can handle the dress, but her hair and makeup were a titch over-the-top.  What up, "Toddlers and Tiaras" grows up and becomes a famous actress.

Most unfortunate display of purple.
Poor Molly Ringwald. I believe she used the left-over shiny, spandex-ice-dancing material from the Olympics for her 70's themed dress. Score.

Best display of purplish-pink:
Queen Latifah. She looks super-good.

Biggest dress disappointment of the evening.
It pains me to say it, but Sandra Bullock.  It looked like she was wearing a left-over Kleinfeld's wedding dress. Sad. I really like her, too.

Best example of a mother-of-the-bride dress.
Mariah Carey looked awful. Her dress looks costumey and old -- like something a mom would wear to her daughter's wedding in the secret hopes that she looks better than her bride daughter but instead just looks like a drunken cougar.

Most improved.
Holy cow, I want to give Tina Fey a hug. She looks 100 million times better than the people's choice awards. In fact, she looks sort of great.  And sexy. Way to grow up, Tina. (Note: I would like to be 1/8 as funny/witty as Ms. Fey.)

Recipient of the, "Yay-I got-to-wear-it-again!" award.
May it be noted that I love Kate Winslet. However, she seemed to be wearing an old bridesmaid dress.  It's true. She emailed me. ("Hi Ky, look for me on the Oscars. I'll be wearing a bridemaid dress from my cousin Gretchen's wedding. It's really cool. It's separates.")

Recipient of the Dick Clark/Mario Lopez "I-don't-age" award.
Holy wow, does Demi Moore age? I mean, really? Marriage to Kelso must really keep her young. Dear goodness, I want to grow up and be her. (Maybe not so thin.)

Recipient of the, "Almost-but-not-quite" award.
I love the high-fashion, couture gowns, however I don't like the high-fashion, couture gowns that draw unnecessary attention to the up-top in the form of two round ribbon orbs on the chesticle area. Weird.  I'm sorry, Charlize Theron. This is odd.

Best example of cool high-fashion, couture.
Way to go, Vera Farmiga. Fantastic job. That dress is fantastic. I feel that it may be wearing you more than you are wearing it, but still - it's fun.

Worst display of color.
Grey? Blech. Who chooses to wear grey? I mean, grey = sweatshirts and sweatpants. Grey does not equal fancy. (However, I like the ruffles. I'm a sucker for ruffles.) Better luck next time, Elizabeth Banks.

And, the rest of my comments...

Zoe Saldana. I hated this gown on site. (It was the purple.) But then, I sort of started to like it during the broadcast. It's young, crazy and fun. I give it a very wary thumbs up.

Meryl's a classy lady. Easy as that. She's age appropriate and I love the white.

Maggie Gylennhaal. Eh. However, I suppose some people like wearing blue satin waterbed sheets from 1991.

Someone needs to tell Anna Kendrick that she's not 50.

I have such an issue with Miley Cyrus. She drives me nuts. Seeing her at all of these events annoys me. However, I'd totally wear that gown. You know, to all the fancy places I go... like Costco.

Mon'ique looked fantastic in blue. Excellent compliment to her skin. Well done.

The jury's still out on J-Lo's dress. It looks very, "Glinda" from The Wizard of Oz (or Wicked) and it appears that no one could stand closer than 2 ft. to her left side.

And I'll take it to my grave, that little man she's married to is a rat. As in, I really think he's genetically related to a rat.

And, finally this is an easy one.

This is just, "The Worst." (On so many levels.) Poor, poor Melanie Griffith.

Ah, I love the Oscars.


P.S. I cried during Sandra Bullock's acceptance speech. Yep. Yes I did.


  1. I have heard that you can tell someone's age by the skin on their hands (mostly b/c we do all this stuff to our faces, put on sunscreen, etc.... but your hands are always exposed and usually without stuff on them) Those were some yucky hands!

  2. Ok, so all your comments were so right on. And w/ those comments, I believe you were born for those "E" television fashion critique shows. Really, you should try out! :)

  3. I am going to Sephora at lunchtime to buy some anti-aging lotion/sunscreen for the old hands! Eek!

  4. I have wanted to do an Oscar fashion post. However, I have noticed that there is a direct correlation between the reviews I give the outfit, and the reviews I would give the person.

    For example, I love Queen Latifah. I think she is very classy and highly talented. High score for her, and a high score for her dress.

    Yet, Miley Cyrus. Miley, Miley, Miley. I can't stand her. I think she needs to get over herself. Don't like the girl, didn't like the dress.

    And then there's also the factor of how much I'm willing to forgive. Just because I like a celebrity, doesn't mean I will necessarily like their outfit; I may be willing to just excuse it. Say, Kate Winslet. I love her. The dress was horrible. But if I squint my eyes, turn my head, and look at it in another angle, I may like it. Maybe.

  5. I liked reading your blog better than I liked watching the actual Oscars.

    Well done, friend.

    The little man rat section was insanely funny.

  6. You are spot on, Ky.

    I just want to take a moment and add to Miley's feedback. That dress looked awful on her. Though I suspect that if someone had just told her to "Stand up straight, girl!", it would have looked alot better.

    (Of course, my husband, pointed out, probably correctly, that if she were to stand up straight she would probably fall right out of the dress at the top.)

    These girls...put on some clothes!

  7. Excellent comments Kylee!

    I was kinda underwhelmed with everyone last night. Nothing really hit me as awesome. I felt like there were a lot of people missing. No Angelina Jolie (not that she does anything fashion forward lately), Reese Witherspoon or Cate Blanchett (who I love). I feel like we got the "B" team - Miley Cyrus and that miserable Twilight chick? Please. Oscar-worthy they are not.

    I do have one disagreement with you, I loved Elizabeth Banks' dress. I thought the color was cool and I liked the overall shape of it, it was probably my fave of the night.

    LOVED that Meryl Streep wore Chris March's (from Project Runway) design. How cool is that? She looked great.

    Demi Moore sickens me. How on earth does she stay looking so amazing? It's really quite unfair. She must be drinking whatever Helen Mirren is drinking, that lady is rockin'! They both looked great.

    On a sidenote, I hearted the John Hughes tribute. A montage of all of the great 80's movies. Yum!

    Gosh, I love Oscar night.


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