MexMo: 'Tis a perfect day

3/07/2010 02:13:00 PM

Here's why today is 95% perfect.

1. Lila's been funny today and now she's napping.
2. It's raining. In Cabo. On a Sunday. YES!!!
3. It's "chilly" outside.

4. When I went to the grocery store this morning, there were only something like 8 people in the entire store.
5. Soup is cooking on the stove.
6. Cookies are already made.
7. I'm watching trash on t.v. (Real Housewives of New York)
8. I'm in my PJ's. (My fav PJ pants from my sister-in-law, B.)
9. Ferg's sitting right next to me.
10. The Oscars are on tonight. What does that mean? Fashion.

The day will be 100% perfect as soon as C. gets home from work.


  1. All of those things make me smile. Sounds like a day that is something like a cleansing sigh. Enjoy every minute of it!

  2. Someone didn't fasten their seatbelt! :)

  3. Linds - I signed the Oprah pledge. No phone in the car for me. :) I was actually parked in the lot when I took that photo.

    Good eye!

  4. Just had to tease you, I know you take every precaution with the crazy Mexican drivers.

    I cannot believe it was warmer here today than in Cabo.

    I'm anxious to read your red carpet fashion review.

  5. That does sound like one perfectly cozy day!


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