Lila Lunes
A little over 8 months old

3/08/2010 12:08:00 AM

Shall we dig in?

Q. How's Lila doing?
A. She's getting better. She made it through her first sinus infection with the aid of some medication. We also made it through. (Whew.)

Sick baby.

Tell you what, though - she hates that nasal aspirator thing. Like, when she sees it - she screams. (We even spray salt water up her nose so that when we use it we don't suck her brain out through her nose. Still, she hates it.)


Q. What's she up to lately?
A. Playing and pulling herself up. At this point, she uses the Leap Frog table (Thanks, Tia Deb!) to pull herself up.

She also uses the window sills in the hallway.

Finally, I just asked Craig "What else should I write about Lila?"

His response, "Um, that she's pretty much awesome."

I think that sums it up. Not a lot to write this week because of the 'ole sinus infection.

On to the pictures.

Lila laughs all the time.
When she's not screaming, she's laughing.

Her hair is getting crazier.
(I also love that belly.)

Waking up with her fave blanket.
(Her care bears blanket from Aunt Wrestling Kitties.)

I love when you get me out of my crib!
(Note the crib bumper is back on. 
Miss Lila likes to stick her limbs through the crib and bang her head on the rungs.)

And...she's smiling...

On the move...

And, here are a few fun ones that Miss Lila-kins sat still for.

My baby is growing up.

I love that nose.


And my favorite of the week...

Have a great week,

A couple of quick movies...

Here's a quick one that shows you just how loud C.'s daughter is.

And, Lila's big into dancing. Whenever she hears anything with a steady rhythm (including the breast pump) she rocks back and forth.


  1. I am TOTALLY starting to see more of you in Miss Lila's little face.

    I'd also like to see a bare belly shot.

  2. Gosh she is getting so big, pulling herself up, way to go Miss Lila!

  3. I just want to hold and squeeze her! That first pic of her made me grin from ear to ear. DOLL!

    Glad she is feeling better.

  4. Awe, that sick picture just tugs at your heart. Poor peanut.

    And I'm with AthenaBee...I'm seeing more of you in your cupcake.

  5. Glad she is feeling better. Sinus infections stink.

    And I agree with Lila. I hate using nasal aspirators (but I do when I have to), forget being on the receiving end of one. Yuck!

  6. So glad she's back to her usual happy, healthy self! Two pieces of advice:
    1. Keep trying with the nasal aspirator. Logan used to hate it (aka scream) too, but as he got older and I let him play with it a bit himself (gross I know) he took more interest in it. Now I think he's to the point where he understands that it WILL make him feel better if he lets me use it. Same goes for Q-tips.
    2. Don't stress about the crib bumpers. Logan's are still on at 17 months because he's a banger too. They'll probably stay on until he gets a big boy bed!
    And I, too, would like to see a bare belly shot. She's adorable!


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