Lila Lunes:
GASP! The Cupcake is 9 months old!

3/22/2010 12:08:00 AM
 It's true. Here's Lila celebrating her nine months of age on Sunday.
(Super cute outfit from Turtle Parade... whose little bambino will be here soon!)

Q. How is Miss Lila?
A. I asked her. She said, "I'm F-i-i-i-i-ne. Now hand me another cheerio."

Q. Is Lila eating a lot lately?
A. Yes. Lila is convinced that her fingers are great -- not only to look at and chew on, but because they're little tools by which she can pick up (with her left hand) important and scrumptious foods.

Q. Can Lila eat ANYTHING without wiping it through her ear curls?
A. No.

Q. Does this bother me?
A. Nope! I think it's awesome how she looks at me with her, "HEY, LOOK!!! I just put AVOCADO In.MY.HAIR!?! Do you like it?!?!"

I try to match her enthusiasm.

"YES! YOU look amazing."

Q. So, how is 9 months? What are my thoughts regarding this age?
A. Oh, my. If someone would have told me that Lila was going to be this fun I'd tell them that they were lying. She is SO much more interactive than what she was in the early days. She is a little person. I love watching that personality come out.

Q. What are some of Lila's personality traits at this point?
A. At this point, Lila's first reaction to everything is to smile. Like when she crawls over to the laptop power cord, stares at me, then slowly moves it toward her mouth... she's smiling. When you wake her up in the morning, she's smiling. When you bring food to her, she's smiling.

Q. Does Lila smile all the time?
A. Um.


It would be a shameful mistruth if I claimed that my sweet baby Lilakins was happy all the time. Because she isn't. She continues to waffle between, "SUPER HAPPY!" and "REALLY ANNOYED" at all times. (I have no idea where she gets that from.)

Like, take for example that at EACH and EVERY diaper changing she screams. Yep. The only time she hasn't screamed is when I changed her diaper in the back of my car yesterday in the Costco parking lot. Jeep tailgate up. Lila quiet as a mouse.

So, looks like we'll be moving her changing table outside.

You think I'm joking.

Q. How big is the little lady?
A. At this point, she weighs 18 lbs and is 28 inches long. She's wearing 6 month and 9 month clothing... and some 12-month PJ's because her stems are long.

Q. Is Lila talking?
A. Yep. She's babbling a LOT. Craig and I think she says, "Mama"... But we're pretty positive it's not in reference to me. Still, it makes my heart smile.  


It's pretty astounding how much more comfortable I am being Lila's mom than I was, say - seven months ago. We're growing together. I can't believe she's been on the outside longer than she was on the inside..


Onward to the pictures.

Little Miss Trouble Maker. With weird hair.

Speaking of hair, we put a bow in it in honor of Aunt T.'s birthday.

She gets the flashing from me.
(Ask my college friends.)

She's so happy because she's crossed the threshold out of the house and into the courtyard!


...and four seconds later: UNhappy.

The little lady has been "fevering" for the past few days.
(Maybe teething? I don't know. I'm new at this.)
It's uber- easy to take her temp... right...

I'm sort of in love with these random curly pieces of hair.

And that nose.

Ok... and that baby.

Silly girl.

(Not easily amused. This is during "The Fever.")

And, trying not to smile. (Sucking on her lip.)

And finally, her eyes still aren't brown... 
(They're hazel-ish. Like her Dad's. And sometimes blue-ish. Like his Mom's.)

And, here are the movies for the week:



  1. I love her bod. She shouldn't wear clothes... ever.

  2. Um, 9 months old....when the heck did THAT happen?!

    She seriously has the cutest smile and she cracks me up with the faces she makes!

    The picture of her in her chair holding her cell phone (she has unlimited texting, right?!) and she is looking down...that melted my heart. And the laughing/crying video cracked me up! I love the realization of her hand....what a fun little girl!

  3. Agree with WK: My fave picture of the week was pouty Lila with her celly. Love that girl. :)

  4. I don't know how you haven't eaten her yet. She's scrumptious!

    Smiling or not smiling she's still darn cute!

    Your kid and my kid are almost 6 months to the day apart! Love that!

  5. i really truly hope there is NOT some video camera ever taping me watching Lila videos... I make faces and laugh out loud and have even "talked" to her out loud while watching!!! I simply cannot help myself!!! oooh must eat her!!! :)

  6. I don't know what that part is called in between the nose and the lips but I love that part on her. It's really adorable. I am DYING over her crazy hair. SUPA CUTE!

    9 months.....whoa!

  7. Little Man STILL hates to get his diaper changed. It's more fussing than calm times. Sorry I know this doesn't give you hope.

  8. I cannot believe she is nine months!! Love the pics and love your cute family!

  9. I love in the laughing or crying Lila video when she discovers her hand.

    And then I also love when you say to non-smiling Lila, "Pardon, Lila?"


  10. Wow, she sure has changed a lot since the last set of pictures! I love her random's really the only time in life when you can have wild hair and get away with it - heck, even have people tell you how great it looks all.the.time!

    She is such a cupcake!

  11. She is great! And just wait - it gets even better!!! Can you believe it?! I still can't. Parenting is so much fun!

  12. Clo and I laughed hard at the video of her crying/ the point where she noticed her fingers. Perfect!

    We also both liked that you tossed bananas at her and Craig was grossed out.....

  13. Her hair is the cutest! And her nose. She is a dollface all around!

    Hey, has she worn her green flowery shoes yes?

  14. Oh, she is so cute!

    I want to know why this is the case with children, or at least my child too--super happy or super annoyed are the only options?! Let's all just settle down and relax, shall we? :)

  15. Phew. That last one made me think she would shake the porch from your house. Haha. Soooo cute.

  16. Thanks for the comments, everyone! MUCH appreciated. And, I'm glad that you all enjoy these updates... I always wonder when I'll be crossing the line of exploitation of my sweet little one...

    I think I at LEAST have until she's a year old.


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