Let's talk LOST.

3/17/2010 01:52:00 PM

So, at this point I'm pretty sad that Sayid has become one of "Locke's/Smokey's" followers. I mean, I'm a sizable Sayid fan and seeing him be all crazy-in-the-eyes during yesterday's episode made me sad. Especially since the last 8 episodes will no doubt exhibit his craziness. Boo.

Claire's behavior creeps me out, too. It really does. What was that animal carcass thing in Aaron's cradle? Blech.

I'm ready for Charlie to come back now. I know he's on another show and all... and that he died on LOST... but still.

Finally, Sawyer. I find it incredibly difficult to believe that in his alternate reality he would have become a cop. Really? Hmmm... Not so sure about that one. And WHY, oh WHY, is he always either topless or showing massive amounts of man-vage? (Opposite of cleavage.)

All in all - I'm semi-ok with how this season is going. Do I expect to get all the answers when the show ends? Nope. Do I still love the show? Yup. Have I had enough of Smokey? Yep.

Is it all going to come down to a battle of "good and evil" between Jack and Locke?




  1. What disturbs me most about Claire is her hair. It's such an obvious wig it takes me completely out of the show. And that animal carcass in her crib is W.R.O.N.G.

    I hate Jack. HATE. I find him to be condescending and misguidedly superior. I vastly prefer both Sawyer and Locke (albeit old, crazy Locke vs. Smokey). (I love that you call him Smokey. :)) If it comes down to a battle between Jack and Locke, I hope Locke wins. Or that Sawyer offs them both and then takes off with Kate to play Tarzan and Jane.

    Overall, I'm with you: I doubt we'll get all the answers we want, and I'm sure story holes will continue to abound. But I still love this show. And I still want to rewatch the entire thing from beginning to end once it's over.

  2. I completely hear you about Claire's hair. It's atrocious. That wig is awful.

    And, it's funny that you say that about Jack. You know, your "hate" for him and all... While I don't HATE him, his character grates on my last nerve. Enough of the holier-than-thou, I'm-the-boss-because-I'm-a-doctor crap. Blech.

    Wouldn't it be fun if Hurley saved the day or something?

    So help me, though - if this all ends up being a dream I'm going to LOSE it. :)

  3. The show is... frustrating!!! But it's like an addiction I can't break. The last two episodes I have liked a little better.

    I used to love Jack, especially in the first season, now I also find him annoying. Sawyer has always annoyed me but at least now he is consistent. I used to love Kate but now she's annoying... seeing a theme here? I still love Hurley, Jin, Sun, and Miles. And Charlie, I miss him so much. I pretty sure I cried when Charlie died. And Desmond (who else thinks that he and Penny are what is in the locked room on the submarine, huh? huh?).

    I MUST know more about Claire's freaky hair baby. It's like a car wreck, I want to look away but I'm so incredibly fascinated. I do like how they are finally splitting it up into Team Smlockey vs. Team Jacob, it's adding a little bit of organization in an otherwise nightmarish mess.


    (Claire's hair is unforgivable. Also, she keeps dropping her accent. Which is awfully strange, because I thought she was genuinely accented)

    I've been loving the write ups about this season over at Slate.com every week. Spot on.

  4. So, my husband told me he read somewhere that Hurley is going to be VERY important at the end of the show. I hope he's right. I freakin' love Hurley.

    Also, I LOVE Sawyer. He's HOT. And he's a badass, which makes him hotter. I also like that he is shirtless often. :)

    I've always thought Jack's character was totally cliche... handsome/doctor/leader/hero guy who is a little crazy and a little conflicted. Ugh. I hope someone else comes out on top, because Jack winning the good/evil battle would be SO predictable and disappointing.

    I like WP's Tarzan and Jane idea!

    Don't worry, Ky, it's not a dream. The creators have said that since the beginning.... they BETTER not be lying to us!


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