Kinda uncomfortable.
Alternate Title: Don't buy movies from the VFW

3/30/2010 12:08:00 AM we attempted* to watch, 'Precious' Sunday night.

Remember when the movie, 'Crash' came out?
Remember how it just offended you at every turn and how at times it was just far too much to handle?
But then remember how after you watched the movie you said, "Ah, I get it. I was supposed to feel that way?"

Yeah, that's how 'Precious' felt for me, too.


*When I say we "attempted" to watch Precious, here's what I mean. My MIL brought several movies with her from Ohio. The first one we watched was, 'Couples' Retreat' and Craig put it in the DVR and was like, "Um, Mom - where did you get this DVD? Is it illegal?"

She's like, "Yep. I got it from the Post. [As in the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post.] There's a guy who's there every Friday at 2 p.m. He sells copied DVDs. Every DVD is only $5."

Craig was like, "Yeah, I thought so. The DVD cover was made with a copy machine and scotch tape."


NOTE: We were like 95% into watching 'Precious' when it started skipping. We took it out. Cleaned it. Played it. Still skipped. Then we took it out again. Windex-ed it. Still skipped.

We ended up LOOKING ONLINE to figure out how the movie ended. Oy. Annoying.

Lesson: Don't buy hot merchandise from the Post in Point Place.


  1. Crazy!

    Thank you for the summary of Precious - now I don't have to watch it (alternate title: is that bad?).

    I cannot BELIEVE the MIL bought those hot DVDs!!!

  2. We may or may not be the owners of some hot VFW DVDs as well. Does this really surprise you?

    (Louis also brought a ham home once that be bought from a guy at a bar. He was actually shocked when I refused to eat it. Sigh.)

  3. This post reminds me of my dad. He used to give us DVDs all the time of movies that had just come out...when we put them in, you could so tell it was some chum shooting it on his video camera in the back of the theatre. Ummm...thanks Dad.

    Oh and to answer your question...both my girls nap at the same time each day for a few hours, which gives me plenty o' time to do important things; like mess around on my blog. That's more important than sleep, right? ;)


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