I'm stewing.

So you're in the salon getting your hair cut, then a girl with butt-length, plain-Jane, brown Duggar hair walks in and tells the stylist next to you that she really wants something different - come hell or high water - she wants a short pixie cut. And, make it blonde.

Her sytlist says, "Really? Are you sure about that? I'm not sure if it's the best fit for your features..."

I mean, the long-haired girl has a semi-larger face and could quite possibly look devastatingly terrible with that cut -- let alone a blonde pixie cut. Let's be honest, just because she LIKES the pixie cut doesn't mean it'll work for her.

The long-haired, Duggar-esque girl responds without thinking and says, "I've made up my mind. JUST DO IT. I NEED A CHANGE FOR CHANGE'S SAKE. Pixie me."

... you silently gasp and think, "Oh, boy. She's going to regret this decision... it takes quite a while to grow a pixie out. "


That is precisely how I feel about the current healthcare sitch.

Pixie cuts don't work for everyone.

We're going to regret this.

And, we're going to pay for it.


  1. sometimes it just takes a little while for you to get used to it....

  2. I think I'm with you.

    But the truth is, I haven't read the bill. And what angers me is that I really don't think most of anyone has, yet we all feel "informed" enough to make hurtful comments to one another about why it's right or wrong. We just go by what we hear from our "favorite" sources...friends, news, etc.

    What I do know, however, is that there is a need for some change in health care. Insurance companies hold far, far too much power over what is done, when that should be left up to physicians and other providers. And reimbursement - in both the private and public sector is completely ridiculous, which just drives up cost to individuals. It's really gotten out of hand.

  3. I enjoy that you related this to the pixie cut. See, that is totally speaking government on terms I can understand. :)

    Which, by the way, I have hair envy for that girl in the picture. No comments from naive little me on healthcare today.... better go read up on it, huh?

  4. Excellent analogy!

    Unlike many I've read everything I can get my hands on about / relating to the bill and it's far from perfect. But in the end, I disagree with you. Something is still better than nothing. And rather than sitting around stewing on how sucky things may or may not get I'm choosing to go into this with a positive attitude. We can't change it now, let's move forward and make things better.

    I should probably just move to Canada.

    (comment made with love and respect for you, not sass)

  5. I may be biased because my parents desperately need some of the protection of this bill.

    I'm optimistic. Of course both sides aren't going to agree with EVERYTHING that goes into a bill, but let's hope they know what they're doing.

  6. (just FYI – I was not insinuating that your post was hurtful or nasty in any way…it was rather nicely written.)

  7. Can I just say this made me smile because only YOU would make this kind of comparison and make a political post so non-offending to people yet clearly stating your opinion!

    I seriously love you for that!!!

    I respectfully disagree and really hope that you are wrong ONLY because I want this to make a difference for all the people who need it and be a benefit for everyone. I think it is a good starting point, think of it as an OK pixie cut and now we need to add cute clips and maybe some lowlights to make it better :) teehee

    Yes it is far from perfect but I think it is a really good start, better than nothing, and greatly needed. And who really knows how this is going to turn out, I would like to think both logically and hopefully that it will be good for us all.

    (I am glad you wrote about this!)

  8. I'm sure you already know my opinion on this.

    I am optimistic that the pixie - although, perhaps not the perfect cut - will grow into something that really works.

    Love ya! :)

  9. Thank you for the comments, ladies! As you know - twopretzels.com is a LIGHT and AIRY blog... I shock myself when I write about controversial stuff. This is why I was forced to compare the largest issue in our world to hair.

    I'd like to COMMEND and thank you all for being lovely and for sharing your opinions.

    Here, here for respectful banter!

    P.S. I personally, would LOVE a pixie cut.

  10. You know, I think the members of congress could learn a thing or two by reading our comments. This, ladies and gents, is how you speak respectfully to one another.


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