This morning at our weekly work meeting two birds flew into the house. (It was at a new listing. See here.)

One of them, a little woodpecker - figured out how to leave after hitting the windows, oh, about 8 times.

The other one didn't figure it out.

It hit the window again and again. Hard.

It fell to the floor and I think it died. (Someone removed it from the floor inside the house and put it outside, I didn't go check post-meeting to confirm the time of death.)

Still, I'm pretty sure I witnessed a little red bird's passing.


All this to say, I think I'm really getting somewhere with this whole, "Loving birds in 2010" thing. I mean, I felt empathy for the pain and suffering of that bird. Who wants to fall and break their neck in front of a room of 20 people? And, I'm certain he had little bird friends who were now wondering where he was.

Birds are sketchy, but they have feelings and families, too.

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