Family's here.

3/25/2010 11:21:00 PM
My mother-in-law is here and she brought with her two suitcases full of United Status stuff and a collection of recipes (and ingredients!)  for dinners for the next week.

Today's dinner and salad.were.FANTASTIC.


I'll tell you what's not a "yay-worthy" item: the fact that Lila screamed ALL DAY LONG. Her Grandma hasn't seen her for months and how did she behave all day? Well, she screamed. And cried. And whined. And moaned.

"We swear she's not like this all the time."

Ah well.

We all have bad days. Here's to a better tomorrow. Hopefully.


  1. Did she pack plenty of pop tarts? Give Jenna a hug for me. Can't wait to see pictures from her visit.

  2. Have a great time!


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