CloMo: Wanna see what my niece can do?!

3/23/2010 03:08:00 PM
This weekend my niece had a gymnastics meet in La Paz.

She took second on vault, bars, beam (with two falls!!), first on floor and second all around.

You must watch the videos now.

My fave - FLOOR:

Bars - First time doing giants.

Beam - (Videography by my sister. Who cut off Clo's landing. :)

WELL DONE, Chloe! I am so proud of you!


  1. Wow! That's so fun! Congrats!

  2. What, no vault?! Just kidding - I LOVE IT! She's great! I did gymnastics for eleven years and coached for almost four. I miss it!

  3. The floor routine was the cutest thing I've seen all day!! And I always wanted to by a gymnast. So I'm a little jealous. :)

  4. Dios mio. I'd settle for just being able to touch my toes without wimpering.

  5. 1) CHLO - YOU are a superstar!

    2) Chlo is incredibly strong...handstand to pushup? Seriously??

    3) What style and grace! I love all her little hand movements.

    4) Determination and focus!

    5) I wanted that guy to get out of the way so badly!

    6) Olympics for Chlo!!!!!

  6. um, who is AWESOME?! VERY impressive and she is SO good! Well done Clo!!

  7. Holy Moses!!! Chlo is amazing! She really has mad skills.

    I'm with Iris on Chlo going to the Olympics!

    She's so cute and graceful.


  8. PS - What are GIANTS? I am sure they are awesome, but what exactly are they?

  9. Giants are those fully swings around the bar. She had just finally got them a week before....I'm sure you remember. Rips in the little tiny hands, sore shoulders and arms and everything.

    She's a tough cooking my little girl.


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