Chrome, yo.

3/17/2010 12:08:00 AM
I'll tell you what, I've been using Google Chrome for Mac since right before Christmas. At first, I was uber-impressed. Holy wow - it was quick.

In the past few weeks I've become slightly less impressed. It's sort of sluggish. (Yep, I've cleared the cache, etc.)  And, I cannot ABIDE it when it tells me that the URL I typed in doesn't exist. Um, I'm pretty sure, "" exists.

So at this point, on a scale from 1 to 10 - with 10 being reese's chocolate egg amazing, I give it a 7.8. Why? I really like my polkadot browser skin. It's cute. And, I believe it would be better if I weren't stuck with this terribly slow Mexico interweb.


  1. Hm...I'm on a PC and i LOVE Chrome - have never had an issue with it telling me an address doesn't exist (which happens ALL THE TIME to me with IE8). I wonder if it's an OS issue?

  2. Josey - totally, I wonder if you're right. I'll press on, though. I'm WANT to like it. ;)


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