Michael & Nina cracked.me.up.
Quick Project Runway recap

2/12/2010 09:52:00 AM
The challenge: Make a cover-look for the April issue of Marie Claire for Heidi Klum to wear.
Milla's dress from yesterday's episode.

"Let's be honest that peach comes off like ace bandage. And, then once you crop her she's literally in some kind of weird jog bra with a v-neck."
-Michael Kors

"And these arrows look like they're pointing at her crotch. I mean, this would not work at all."
-Nina Garcia

"That color looks like it's trying to disappear."
-The other judge. (Editor-in-chief of Maria Claire)

Lol. I would assume that they didn't think your garment was a success, Milla. :)

I liked Amy's. I pretty much like everything she does. I'd totally wear that.

But, I was pleased to see that Anthony won. I find him to be a treasure. Plus, that color will look super-good on Heidi.


  1. Is it rude for me to say that I find Mila to be irritating? and arrogant?

    That Michael Kors, though. He just tells it like it is - entertainingly, too. :)

  2. I agree - I'm not a fan of Mila. One of the contestants last night said she was a "one note designer." I think he's right.

    And what's up with so many of them doing muted colors? Makes no sense.

    I adore Anthony too, Ky. I'm glad he won this one.

  3. Loved what Anthony made! I could totally see Heidi wearing that. He's a hoot, I hope he sticks around for a while.

    And I'm with you on Amy, she does good stuff always. I thought Ben's was kind of cool. The way the black/pink sparkled was neat.

    Yeah, why did so many of them think that muted colors would allow her to jump out on the page? Are they that dense?

  4. Agree, Milla's dress sucked and she needed a reality check...she is not the best designer. She is so arrogant.

    I love Anthony SO very much and I thought his dress was great, perfect for a magazine cover.

    I was also confused why so many people went with light colors - stupid.

    I also enjoyed Ben's dress and I am glad he went with a cooler belt.

    I still haven't decided who my favorite designer is. Of course I LOVE Seth Aaron, but don't think he is strong enough of a designer to make it to the finals.


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