MexMo: I had to read this one twice.

2/17/2010 05:08:00 AM

Bought rubber gloves at the store today for mopping...'d think that I was using them for something else given that description.

(This is a result of Mexican products going that extra mile and including English on their packaging. They gave it the 'ole college try... yet it still sounds sexual, no?)


  1. There appears to be some lines on those gloves as well. Are they waffle textured for her pleasure?

  2. It does sound like they mixed up the print for the condom and the gloves.

  3. Those make me uncomfortable. I'm not sure I could use them for cleaning. I'm much to prim and proper for such things.

  4. I love that the first two comments about this post are from dudes! Too funny.


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