Making the baby food... still...

2/16/2010 05:08:00 AM
Before I got pregnant I scoffed at the weirdos who made their own baby food.
Um, baby food is already made.
It's in jars.
Buy it.

Now, I've taken it upon myself to be on an Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom crusade against added sugars and preservatives, at least until my Cupcake is a year old.  (Upon making it to one-year-old I'll be rewarding Lila with a cornucopia of twinkies, pringles and McDonald's french fries. It's the American way.)

Thus far, I steam, smoosh and freeze her some veggies once every 3-4 weeks. I've done sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans and peas. (I can't find squash here!) She eats avocado, bagels, fruits and cereal, too.

This little drop-in-the-pan steamer makes the process so easy. It's awesome. It fits in small pans and large ones so I can either steam Lila a bit of food or a lot.

It's $16.99 on amazon. See here.


  1. You go mama, that's awesome!!! Lila is one lucky girl to have you!I made some but I was also that crazy mom buying organic jarred food that cost twice as much when I was on the run (and no idea if it was really worth it)...yea, that was me! Live and learn, live and learn...haha!

    The only thing now is that both my kids MUST have organic milk (Evan is such a milk freak I have to limit his intake)...other then that I do the best I can. I'm always armed with my 10 worst non-organic foods list at the store though...

  2. handy! we have a portable food mill too that i'm looking forward to using

  3. In my family if you DON'T make your own baby food then you obviously want them to be unhealthy and obese.

  4. Please note that I have NO issues with jarred baby food. It's just that down Cabo-way all of the ONE brand of baby food seems to have far too much added sugar.

    Lila has indeed enjoyed herself some organic jarred pears.

    Lauren - what's the list of the 10 worst-non-organic foods?!

  5. Nice Job!! How long does it take to make the food? It seems like though it is not hard it would take a little bit of time.

    I have always said that I want to make as much of the baby food as I can when we have kids someday. (we'll see though when that happens!!) I would probably use jar food as well, but it just seems healthier and so much cheaper just to make your own!

    I like that steamer

  6. Here is one very similar to that for $3.99. Just FYI,default,pd.html&cgid=CLR_SHA

  7. Good for you mommy! I hope to do the same!

  8. Awesome. And since you only have to do it about once a month, not a huge time suck.

    Love the steamer! We have a very similar one that we bought from Kroger for something like $5. I've used it many times and like it!


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