LOST... Well?!

2/03/2010 09:43:00 AM

Let's hear it. What did you think?

I, for one, am very pleased that Sayid is alive. He's my fave.


  1. I love Sayid, too. Although, I kinda think he is Jacob now. Like, his body is Jacob's new vessel or something.

    Other thoughts... I'm glad Juliet died. That would've been dumb if she had lived. Plus, I like Kate & Sawyer together.

    What's with the alternate reality that the bomb explosion created? I wonder if Juliet still exists there.

    Also, remember Boone's sister from the first season (she hooked up with Sayid)...and then in the alternate reality on the plane, Boone said he couldn't get his sister to come with him. Huh?! And why was that Ian dude on the plane? He is/was an other!

    So confused. By the way, if you haven't watched this, you need to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1PAB6Sgdp8

  2. I enjoyed it. Overall, I didn't like last season as well as the others. But I'm devoted until the end. I find the whole thing fascinating.

    And the other question.... why was Desmond on this plane (the alternate reality plane)?

    You know what I thought of when they showed the aftermath of the plane trip that actually landed on solid ground? "Wow. You think you could 'fix' things and make them better (ie not being stranded on the island and the plane never crashing). But did you see how sucky the reality of never crashing is? God surely knows better than us, the way things are 'supposed to be'. " I enjoy the spirituality depicted in the show, whether people understand that is going on.... or even if its meant to be interpreted like that.... but I think it is.

  3. I loved it like I always do. I have absolutely no clue about any of it, I have theories and what I think is going on but chances are I am totally freaking wrong! And that's why I love it. Keeps me guessing.

    But I have faith that in the end things will make sense.

    (Long live Sayid!)

  4. I just watched this last night (we had to record it). The minds that come up with this stuff are either genius or really disturbed (I can't decide). But I will be watching again next week for sure! :-)

  5. I was annoyed that I already knew Juliet was dying, since she has another show on ABC. :) And I think I might be the only one in the world who liked Juliet/Sawyer better than Kate/Sawyer. Boo.

    I enjoyed the alternate reality -- I'm really curious how that's going to work out.

    I continue to think Rose and Bernard are muffins.

    I LOVE Sarah W's theory that Sayid is the new Jacob.

    Sigh. I'm still hooked. I just hope this doesn't all end up being something Walt made up in his mind.

  6. Um, I agree, Written Permission... if this whole thing is someone's dream or something, I will be totally pissed.

  7. Man-o-man, I think I am the only blogger NOT watching this show! sad. It is funny because everyone says I would love this show since I love Sci-Fi, but I just have never had an interest. weird. I think it is too late now

  8. Jenn - Totally rent the first 5 seasons on DVD. We did that for the first 3 and it was awesome because no waiting between episodes! Then you can give us all insight on what the hell is going on because it'll all be fresh in your mind an you won't have forgotten half of what's happened because they wait like 10 months between seasons!!

    Whew! Rant much, Sarah? Dang. LOST gets me worked up.


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