Lila Lunes.
Lesson learned.

It's been a big week.

  • Lila's crawling EVERYWHERE.
  • She has TWO TEETH. (One appeared in just ONE week!)
  • The crib has been l.o.w.e.r.e.d and the bumper and mobile are GONE. (This made me very sad.)
  • There's a lot of, "ma-ma-ma-ma" and "da-da-da-da" going on... 
When I was pregnant, I remember saying: "I'm totally going to take my baby with me everywhere. I will not be adjusting to her schedule; she'll be adjusting to mine."

It always drove me nuts when people had to be at home at exactly 1:00 p.m. so that there child could nap from 1:01 p.m. - 2:48 p.m. I mean, that's far too much scheduling. If I can't successfully live by a schedule how can I expect my 7-month-old to?

Scheduling STILL isn't for us. However, I'm all about a good routine. As is Lila.

Babies have an affinity for knowing what to expect. They like to know what happens after they wake up, what happens after lunch, after bath time, etc.

That said we break the routine every now and then... and we broke it in a big way on Sunday. See, we haven't been to the East Cape beach in over a YEAR so we packed up the house (I'm not kidding) and off we went.

Life before Lila was care-free and, well... simple. C. and I would pack up the car and bring with us a couple of towels or chairs, an umbrella, a cooler, a water-dish for Ferg some sunscreen and bam! We had a perfect afternoon listlessly lounging on the beaches of Los Cabos.

Um. Life has sort of changed.

Today Lila required toys, diapers, food, a spoon, wipes, sun hat, sunscreen, blankets, etc., etc. Her accouterments are vast. (Here she is in her sun tent with Ferg guarding, Thank you Gramma Jenna.)

And, given the fact that she constantly had her wet little hands in the sand, and then in her mouth - she did well.

She didn't nap, however.

At all.

She played.

What does that mean?
Lila was tough all day Sunday. I mean ALL DAY. She's not one of those babies who will just sleep anywhere. Nope. She needs to go, go, go! She doesn't want to miss a thing. I can't blame her. I'm the same way.

So what is my lesson at this point in my parenting career?
Routines are good. Deviations from routine are cool - however, just be comfortable knowing that you'll be dealing with the consequences later.

**NOTE: I love being Lila's mommy. I do. However, I'd be lying if I didn't say that yesterday at the beach I just wanted to close my eyes and float away...

It's amazing how many "me" days you have pre-baby and how few of them you have "post-baby".


Someone told me this:
"The days seem to sometimes drag on...
...but the years will fly by."

That's a golden adage. So true.

That said, life is going by FAR too quickly.

In ONE week, Lila has proceeded to sprout ANOTHER TOOTH. (Yep, we're at two bottom teeth.) She literally puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. Teething be crazy.

I love that belly.
It's a shame that look isn't so cute on a 30-year-old woman.

Ok, onward to the pics from this week. There are a ton.

This was pre-beach. I find this picture to be who-larious.

Here's Lila outside reading.
Please notice that the book is not exatly right-side up.
Please notice that Lila doesn't care.
(This book is from my friend, B. and it is hands-down, her absolute favorite book.)

Lila's new hat from, Dusty!
She loves it! (So do I. Thank you again.)

Crawling ain't easy.

However, posing is easy.
(Notice the blurry right hand? This is because Lila is a blur. She's constantly moving.)

It was chilly this week in Cabo.
(I'm serious.)

More crawling.
(I feel like she looks like me here.)

It's very funny to have underpants on your head and edamame in your mouth.

We tried the pack-n-play outside in the courtyard this week.
It went over kind of well.

This face means: "Another spoonful please. I'm ready now."

Who me? A mess?

I love this one for some reason.

On Daddy's lap.

My daughter and I.

This would be my second-favorite picture of the week.

And this would be my favorite picture of the week.
That Craig. He's one good Daddy.
Cute too, no?


Um... we tried Cheerio's this week. Here's the very short video series. (Yes, there are 3.)

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

P.S. If the line spacing is wacky in this post, I blame blogger. The new tool bar is somewhat sketchy.


  1. Cheerios have never looked so fun! :)

    I so enjoyed reading the lessons learned portion...and had to laugh as I realize (and yet fully can't understand) what changes are coming our way.

  2. HAHAHAHA! Those cheerios videos are hilarious! I love the cheerio that is stuck between her fingers for two of the videos and then her trying to get the cheerio in her mouth by using her mouth in the last video....I laughed out loud at work!

    I am glad you guys got a day at the beach, even with all your stuff. How fun is that! I also love Lila's beach house, very cute.

    We have a friend who has a two year old and they have NEVER had him on a schedule. He may go to bed at 9 he may go to bed at midnight. He eats whenever and takes naps when he just falls asleep or doesn't takes naps at all. He has always had issues with his schedule because the parents don't enforce anything and now that he is older and in his two's he refuses to do anything except on his own time. It seems like some sort of routine is important even if it varies slightly, but no routine seems like it can be a pain for both the kid and the parents!

  3. That last video was awesome. Who was breathing?????

    SO CUTE. Lila has officially gone to the beach more than her Aunt T.

  4. Aren't you just dying to know what she's thinking when she looks intently at the Cheerios, then at you, then at the Cheerios? I wanna know how baby minds work.

  5. Precious. I love the videos! (Especially the last one.) Who knew cheerios were so sticky?

  6. Lila is such a doll!

    Love her sun tent and her little bikini!

    And her first Cheerios experience - adorable.

  7. I LOVE her heavy breathing in the Cheerios Take Three video. Eating Cheerios is tough work, Mommy! :)

  8. LOVING Lila Lunes. Sometimes, parents think they are going on too much about their own kids.

    Just want you to know that no, you are not.

    Pics with mom and dad - they should be framed and hung in a museum.

  9. that picture of Lila and Craig is to DIE for, so cute!

  10. I love the tent and LOVE the last three pics of Lila and you and Lila and C. Seriously, she is such a doll.

    Oh, and I love the hooded towel with her name on it.

  11. I just watched the videos WITH sound (I watched the first time at work with NO sound) and am CRACKING Up. When C goes, "Still kinda missed it," I was literally slapping my knee.

    Ah, miss you guys! It's nice to hear YOUR voices.


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