Lila Lunes
Growing, growing, growing...

2/01/2010 12:08:00 AM

My baby keeps growing. And changing.

Whoa. I mean, it literally happens within a day. (I'm not even exaggerating.)

1.) She sprouted a tooth (bottom left) this week. We can feel it and are waiting for it to show it's "face".

2.) Her voice changed as did what she says. She stopping, "ga, ga, ga-ing' and is, "ma-ma-ma-ing" and "da-da-da-ing." It's like she know what she's saying and she has no idea why we don't understand her.

3.) She can pick up and move small things with her two little pincher fingers really well.

4.) She's able to get to WHEREVER she needs to go either in her wheels (walker) or by rolling/army crawling to the object.

Here she is underneath her crib.
She rolled there in like, .5 seconds.

This is all happening FAR too quickly. I'm sorry, where did my newborn go?

Q. What are Lila's favorite things right now?
1. Old pacifiers that she never used are now super-fun to play with. See?

2. The plastic trash container in the kitchen cabinet. Lila loves to wheel over to the garbage and just hold on to it. (Weird.) (And gross.)

What are Lila's least favorite things right now?
1. Laying down. For any reason. Diaper changes? NO. Getting dressed. NO. Sleeping? NO. Putting lotion on? No. SHE HATES TO LIE DOWN FLAT.

What are my favorite things about Lila right now?
1. That laugh. It's fantastic. As is that smile.
2. Her newest pair of fluffs. (Lila's cousin Chloe calls slippers, "fluffs." So, well...we do, too.)

She's becoming so independent, my little lady is.
She likes to sit in her room and play. (With Ferg watching, of course.)

(She's wearing the tutu she wore in her birth announcement.)

Tea parties are starting to be awfully regular occurrences in our house, too.

As is reading...

And playing with stuffed animals.

We all know that I take far too many pictures of Lila...
...however, she's cute.
Here she is in her Princess dress from cousin Mick.

And, here is my daughter with oatmeal in her hair.
See that left side (your left)? It's FULL of oatmeal.
She likes to put her fingers in her mouth (when it's full of oatmeal), then [obviously] run her fingers through the one part of her head that has hair.

Yet another little photoshoot...


Less happy.

Not happy at all.

This past week I took Miss Lila's photo directly after she woke up.

She was just quiet. And still. And cute.
(Cute jumper from Aunt T.)

And, my favorite picture of the week...

Make it a happy week.
warmest (it's hot here...) regards,


  1. So precious!!! I hear ya on the time thing, Evan fell asleep on me last night and I just stared in awe at my almost 4 year old. Wow, 4 years old a month from tomorrow! Thank heavens Abbey is still one because it's freaking me out! :-)

  2. There are a few pictures here that make me think your cupcake is going to start looking more like you than her daddy. Something in her eyes!

  3. She's has the cutest wardrobe!!!

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the one in color in the princess outfit. Adorable.

  5. I am seriously in awe right now. She looks so old already.... I feel like I just watched her grow up in like 5 minutes, from when you said you were pregnant, to birth, to now. Whew.

    And please do not ever mention again (until June) that it is hot there. I'm currently feeling a bit depressed that I have to deal with coldness for another few months. Blah.

  6. She's so adorable! Every Monday when you post it's like she grows and grows and grows, it's so crazy. And tea parties? Adorable! Ah!

  7. Hey, I had oatmeal in my hair today too! Oh wait, that's not cute when it's an adult.

    She's a MUF-FIN, as always! Yay Lila!

  8. She is such a sweetheart :)

    I love the pic where she is under the crib!!

    And if Lila ever has any openings at a tea party, I would LOVE to join her. I have a fancy hat too :)

  9. Is Lila currently reading "There is a monster at the end of this book"? its one of our faves- mine when i was little too! I used to get sincerely worried for Grover and then likewise relieved for him in the end!!:) Lila HAS to be the absolute best these days- I can see her amazing spirit! just want to hug her up!!! miss you all!!!


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