Lila Lunes:
Big week at our house

2/08/2010 05:44:00 AM
The Reindeer hat is welcome here year-round.

I'll get right down to it.

My baby crawls.

My baby also sits up by herself from a laying down position. Here she is sitting up, in her crib post-nap. (Craig walked in, saw her sitting up, snapped this photo.)

My baby also ate a frozen wheat bagel piece this week. Like people food.
And, she loves Avocados. See?

My baby ALSO has a bottom tooth SHOWING. (She won't let me take a picture yet...)

WHAT? All this in a week?


I'm in shock, too.

And, well - my baby is LOUD. Care to hear?

Pics from the week:

Lila doesn't like traditional toys. She likes car keys, boxes, rolls of toilet paper, you name it.
Here she is with a box from her motrin.

Here she is clearly uncomfortable because I took it away.

And, here she is pleading with me. "PLEASE GIVE ME MY BOX BACK!!!"

I didn't give it to her.
She lost it. Cute no?

Playing with toilet paper.
(Yep, they individually wrap toilet paper here.)


My independent Cupcake playing with her new Disney Princess toy boxes.

MORE crawling!

And, my favorite pic of the week.
I walked into Lila's Room... and grabbed my camera...
She was hugging Ferg.

Have a stupendous week.


  1. Awe, I LOVE the crawling stage. It's the beginning of so much fun. ...Seeing curiousity at it's best...they have the world at their tiny fingers.

    AND, I love that she loves avocados. I do too!

  2. Awesome! And she's even going forward crawling! Athena only went backwards for like 2 months. It was so cute.

    And of course she likes avocados. They are the fruit of her land. I personally think they are a gift from God.

  3. Holy cow! She's crawling!?!? Time for trouble!

  4. p.s. I showed Sophia the video of Lila being loud...she said "more, more!!!"

  5. She is just a peach! Wow that is a big week. Sammy's new thing this week is squawking! very loudly! Thanks for sharing! Give her a kiss from Auntie!

  6. Congratulations, K & C! She's a crawler now. Watch out! :)

  7. I love the sad face when she isn't getting her way, BB has the same kind of face and I love it.

  8. I love the pic of her in the MOUND of TP. Congrats on crawling! I can't believe it!

  9. Crawling? No way! She's growing up way too quickly! :)

    I laughed at "I LOVE TOILET PAPER!" That's a LOT of toilet paper there!

  10. OK, I cried a little when I saw her hugging Ferg. That is Pre.Cious.

    I can't believe she's sitting up and crawling and sporting teeth AND discovering the joy of toilet paper and avocados! Wow. She has now reserved the right to do absolutely nothing all week this week. :)

    (I hate that I can't see videos at work. I wanna see some crawling in action!)

  11. Love the hug picture! And the individually wrapped TP...too cute!

  12. Love the first photo!

    I wish I could play in a big pile of toilet paper! It's a cleaner version that those nasty, but oh so fun, ball pits.

    Whoa to the crawling! Next stop, driver's license. My golly!

  13. Yay for Lila. I love that she loves playing with toilet paper, that was a great picture. Another great picture was of her throwing a fit in her "dont hate me because I'm beautiful" onsie. Precious. I am sure you have already figured this one out, but now that she is crawling, your world will never be the same! hahaha love you!


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