Lila Lunes
And... the cupcake is 8 months old! Whoa.

2/22/2010 05:08:00 AM

My Cupcake is EIGHT MONTHS OLD. And cool.

(Take a moment. Gasp.)

Are you shocked? Eight months, you guys. EIGHT MONTHS. You've be reading about her since I was 12 weeks along... and now she's been on earth for eight months. Crazy, ain't it? 

So what's new this week?

First, I'll tell you what's not new this week: people telling me my kid looks just like her Daddy.

Senior Picture Pose

So everywhere we go strangers tell me (in English and Spanish) that Lila looks nothing like me. Everywhere.

It's especially worse when he's with us. Just this past week three people at the grocery store told me that Lila looks nothing like me and is a spitting image of Craig. Then, this past week at Craig's doctor's appointment (long, looong story) - the nurse who has seen me since my pregnancy days told me that the baby looks JUST LIKE her Daddy - not like me. At all. Not a bit.

I mean, I hear this everyday.

Does it bother me?

Nope. I just happen to think that Craig's the cutest man I've ever seen.

Moving on.

Q. What does Lila do that I love?
A. My current faves are:
  • Whenever she sneezes, she laughs. When others sneeze, she laughs.
  • She holds her hand out to Ferg, let's Ferg lick her, then laughs.
  • She wears her emotions on her arms and legs. When she's happy, they move back and forth in an out-of-control way.
  • Her face changed now that she has two teeth.
  • When I say, "Kisses!" she opens her mouth to kiss me. (Like her Daddy. Kidding.)
  • I love when you play music and...she...slowly...starts rocking back and forth...feelin' the music, yo. The beginning of dancing. YES!
  • If you look at all of our furniture, at approximately the 2-inch-from-the-ground mark it's either dented or scraped thanks to our kamikaze, nascar speedracer in her walker. We're thinking about getting her sponsored. You think Corona Light would sponsor an 8-month-old?

Pictures for the week:

So my sweetie pie is pulling herself up and is starting to try to "cruise".  (Gasp.)

Lila is also crawling all over the place and is getting into EVERYTHING.

Here she is seconds before trying to put the macbook magnetic power cord plug in her mouth. (My cousin tells me, from experience with her little one, that it does give a little shock...)

This week we said goodbye to the infant-seat in the stroller. 
Lila is facing front and LOVING it. 

Her first walk was exhausting. See?

And, here she is after a morning jog.
In her jammies.

And, I am not the bottle-feeder in the family since Lila's still nursing.
(Note: those bottom teeth are making
This week, though - I happen to learn that my BABY holds her own bottle.
(I think she's been doing this for a while... C. was just afraid to tell me. I mean, she's my baby. She needs to need me.)

Just woke up.
I think that's her sassy face.

My sweetie. And her crazy hair.

She loves to play and talk and sing to herself.
(Ain't that some crazy hair? Straight some days, curly on others. She has my sister's hair.)

70 degrees in Cabo is chilly.
How CUTE is this hat and scarf set made for Lila from Lupita?
(She's brushing her teeth.)

We tried watermelon this week...

Not real clear on this whole new watermelon thing.

Um, it's a little sweeter than what she's accustomed to.

And, my favorite picture of the week.

Have a great week!

P.S. The crazy-in-the-tub movie. :)


  1. Sophia looks (and always has) just like her Daddy too. People always have to remind me. ;) I've come to the realization that my genes are just not strong enough. All of our children will more than likely look just like Da-Da...which is fine...I think he's pretty cute.

    That last pic is precious! Love sleepy babies.

  2. I took Kaylee to the Dr.s when she was a couple of months old and the nurse walks in says "So, this is Kaylee and you are...?" I looked at her and said "Mom." I hated that everyone thought Kaylee looked like her dad but now she's a spitting image of me.

  3. Logan LOVES LOVES LOVES watching Lila's videos with me. Today I tried to get him to say "Lila" (partly because I'm considering it if I have a girl - hope you don't mind). It comes out somewhere between "lala" and "nana." Not sure on that but now he knows her name!

    PS - Logan is a spitting image of his dad too. Ask anyone. I had no part in making him apparently. Hoping the next one looks something like me!

  4. So, are you completely sure Lila is your kid? Hehe!

    Love the watermelon photos!

  5. You KNOW I feel you on the kid looking like dad thing. I don't know that I've ever seen a child look more like their dad than Athena does.

    Speaking of watermelon, can you tell your countrymen thanks for the melon they send up this way? Athena and I eat at least a melon a week and we would be lost without them Mexican watermelons.

  6. She's so sweet. That smile is a killer :)

  7. look a lot more like Dad than Mom and come from a family that favors the paternal side far more than maternal....HOWEVER, as you well know, our "P'ski" girls tend to take our attitude, approach to life, mannerisms and disregard for all things not of ourlogic, as well as stellar fashion sense and showmanship. It all balances out....and in some photos she does look like 8 months....

    Thank you for the nod on her semi curly/semi straight hair. I am very pleased for the recognition and know Lila will wear it far better than I!

  8. I love her Beetlegeeuse outfit - black and white leggings will never go out of style!

  9. She just gets cuter and cuter!

    I totally know what you're talking about with the holding the bottle thing. Jon watched Jude one day last week during the crazy snow and told me that he holds his bottle too. We never give him one at home so I had NO IDEA and it practically blew my mind. My tiny little baby is not allowed to hold his own bottle. Nope. Not allowed.

  10. So cute! It is so fun to see what she is up to!! Love the bathtub too...William takes a bath in our big tub and he is hilarious...we lay him down and he kicks so hard we are all soaked by the end...walls, floor, etc. He cries when he comes out!

    I am going to try watermelon with Will tonight..since you did! :)

    And one (yes 1) person since Will's birth has said he looks like me...everyone else said my husband! Funny!

  11. the last one was from Katie...ha ha..forgot to write that!

  12. I love the B&W leggings under her onsie. She looks like she is ready to jazzercise. So cute!

  13. Love the bath tub video! So cute! Happy belated 8 months to Lila!


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