2/05/2010 12:08:00 AM
Fat Bird that wanted to be my friend (imagine that) at Cabo Surf Hotel.

So, you may have thought this was going to be some deep, self-indulgent post. You're wrong.
I'm merely posting so as to not disappoint those of you who check my blog daily.

Speaking of you... thank you. I am so glad you read my blog. Your comments make me so happy. They really do. (You can ask C.)

That said - here's a little bit of randomness:

I got my hair cut today. Took off several inches. My hair is no longer "under" my up-top, it's now at the "top" of my up-top. (You are very welcome for that visual.)

• Earlier this week I had a searing pain in my right foot's big toe. I utilized the ever-popular symptom checker on webmd and promptly diagnosed myself with gout. Duh, this is because I'm a 50-year-old male Pacific Islander who regularly consumes a large quantity of alcohol and red meat therefore am building up a ridiculous amount of uric acid.

• Remember the ugly courtyard? Sad, dead tree? The courtyard was scraped today. Will be painted tomorrow. Change is on the horizon and I'm feeling fine as wine.

• Finally, my recipe basket is packed with the rest of our house stuff at the storage place in Toledo. (Clearly cooking is a priority for me.) That said, I recently put all of my random printed-off-the-internet recipes in a binder with page protectors--see below. It's working perfectly and protects my recipes from spills. That was your, "Martha Moment" brought to you by me.

• I received a message from a possible Slumdog Millionaire today regarding a work invoice. He was actually located in India. His name was Dillip Kamur. Yep.
Can't make that stuff up.

Happy Friday.
Happy Weekend.
Happy Super Bowl.
Happy days.

Seacrest out.


  1. Soooo, what's wrong with your foot?

    Need a pic of the haircut - stat!

  2. How did you feel about that fat, cute little bird? I'd like to squeeze it, but that's probably why I've been pecked by so many birds.

  3. So sorry if you do have the Gout! I have it and it sucks, so painful.

  4. I SO need to take the time to organize my internet recipies like that - they are ALL over the place at this point!

    Ooooo...I hope you don't actually have the gout - my buddy has that and was in HORRID searing pain.

    Thanks for posting for those of us that check your blog daily. ;)

  5. Note: I highly doubt I have gout. I'm just being dramatic. I do have family members who have had it and my "pain" doesn't even compare to theirs. I'm merely feeling minor toe discomfort. :)

    Regarding the bird - I actually think he was cute. Nadja - squeezing it would have been fun.

    Iris - hair pic to come.

    Josey - THANKS for reading! And, I didn't even put the recipes in any particular order. It's literally kind of like, "entrees, desserts."

    Have a great weekend, everyone!

  6. I love your blog. :)

    Funny about that Indian dude. At his he didn't say his name was "Josh" or something. You should try calling Adobe just for the hell of it one day. Hilarious. I guarantee the people I've spoken with at their call center are not name Jennifer and Dave.

  7. Glad you don't have gout (probably) and I cannot wait to see the hair pic.


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