I like my phone chilled.

2/11/2010 12:08:00 AM

Yesterday I left for work and had to go through my mental checklist before walking out the door. I must take with me my:

  • laptop
  • laptop cord
  • magic mouse
  • extra bag with external drive/other office stuff
  • U.S. phone
  • MX blackberry 
  • breakfast (yogurt)
  • lunch (bagel sandwich)
  • utensils (for yogurt)
  • thermal plastic re-fillable water cup
  • breast pump
  • frozen insert for breast milk bag thingy
  • sunglasses
  • car keys
(Seriously. How ridiculous is that?)

Anywho - this makes complete sense as to why when I got to work and looked for my blackberry I couldn't find it anywhere.

It wasn't in the car. Or at home. Or at work.

Well, it was sort of "at work."

If being, "at work" means hanging out with the rest of my lunch in the work refrigerator.



  1. HAHA! Are you making cold calls at work today?

  2. Man... check your email. You are impossible to get a hold of.


    Dusty - I CHECKED MY EMAIL! OMG. OMG. I emailed you back and told you to give me a phone number.

  4. That's too funny!

    I totally left my phone on top of the dog food once. Did you have to call yourself to find it?

    BTW, when do I make the blogroll?

  5. Iris, you crack me up. :)

    Ky, I LOVE that you do a mental checklist every day (I have to do this, too). And this is exactly the sort of thing I would do. Too many things to remember! This is why people need personal assistants, you know. I bet Ferg is super organized...

  6. Iris - HEY-O!!!!!

    Ky - You should have Craig help you pack in the morning. He seems like he would be all business.


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